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Reference code for a Flickr image Edit or translate this description.
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Status: draft

This key describes a reference code to a Flickr image.

This image should be representative of the object, and could be used in a map popup or similar. If there are multiple images, the "best" image should be prioritized.

Tag structure

Use the URL of the picture as a key:


If the mapper want to see the image in Flickr's website, he just needs to copy/paste its URL (e.g.

This is different from the mapillary=* tag that uses only the ID and not the full URL. Indeed the Flickr ID (e.g. 14914754624) is not self-sufficient for a human to find back its URL, that also includes the user (e.g. 12353812@N00). However, it is simple for a machine to find the picture ID from the URL (using a regular expression), that's why using the URL as value seems to be a better solution. Moreover, it is how the majority of values are stored as of April 2017.

See also

  • Flickr - Informations on how to add an OSM tag to a Flickr picture

Other picture's hosting services you can also use (also described in Photo linking):

  • image=* - generic key for giving an image link
  • mapillary=* - key for a Mapillary hosted picture
  • wikimedia_commons=* - key for a Wikimedia Commons category or image