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Reference code for a Flickr image Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: references
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This key describes a reference code to a Flickr image.

This image should be representative of the object, and could be used in a map popup or similar. If there are multiple images, the "best" image should be prioritized - however, as this is subjective, this tag is problematic.

Tag structure

Use the full URL of the picture as a key:


If the mapper want to see the image in Flickr's website, he just needs to copy/paste its URL (e.g.

This is different from the mapillary=* tag that uses only the ID and not the full URL. Indeed the Flickr ID (e.g. 14914754624) is not self-sufficient for a human to find back its URL, that also includes the user (e.g. 12353812@N00). However, it is simple for a machine to find the picture ID from the URL (using a regular expression), that's why using the URL as value seems to be a better solution. Moreover, it is how the majority of values are stored as of April 2017.


Note that Flickr images on permissive licences can be imported to Wikimedia Commons ( is a useful import tool ), where they will stay more reliably. Many Flickr images were lost to image deletions, changes of Flickr policy and license changes.

It is highly recommended to import Flickr images to Wikimedia Commons and use wikimedia_commons=* instead, if possible.

See also

Other picture's hosting services you can also use (also described in Photo linking):

  • image=* - generic key for giving an image link
  • mapillary=* - key for a Mapillary hosted picture
  • wikimedia_commons=* - key for a Wikimedia Commons category or image.