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Glacier du Mont Mallet (Glacier du Géant) & Mont Blanc, 2010 July.jpg
Classification of the type of a glacier Edit or translate this description.
Group: Natural
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The glacier:type key is used to provide additional information about the morphology and classification of a glacier tagged with natural=glacier. For the specific conventions of mapping glaciers and land ice in the Antarctic see also Antarctica/Tagging.


The following values are in active use, for more proposed values see Proposed features/Glaciers tags

Values for glacier:type=*
value definition example image Taginfo
glacier:type=icecap Ice masses, dome shaped, with radial flow, raising above the surrounding terrain, see Wikipedia The Vatnajökull glacier Myrdalsjökull 01.jpg
glacier:type=icefield Ice masses significantly covering underlying topography but constrained by mountains (in contrast to ice caps which lie on top of them), see Wikipedia The Southern Patagonian Ice Field Npatagonia oli 2017106 lrg.jpg
glacier:type=valley Valley glaciers are glaciers at the bottom of a single valley flowing downward The Mer de Glace in the Mont Blanc massif Alamy WM 1554.jpg
glacier:type=mountain All smaller glaciers that do not fill a whole valley The Tré-les-Eaux glacier Großvenediger.JPG
glacier:type=rock Flowing ice masses not originating from snow usually containing significant amounts of soil/rocks RockGlacier.JPG
glacier:type=shelf Ice shelves are larger areas of thick, permanent glacier ice floating on the ocean The Ross ice shelf Roosevelt Island, Antarctica - satellite image.jpg
glacier:type=ice_tongue A long and narrow sheet of ice projecting out from the end of a tidewater glacier over water The Erebus ice tongue, Antarctica Antarctica ice shelf system.jpg