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The "shape_id" of the public transport route variant in the GTFS "shapes.txt" or "trips.txt" file Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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The key gtfs:shape_id=* is used in public transportation tagging to add the shape_id from the GTFS shapes.txt file or trips.txt file to a PTv2 type=route relation.

gtfs:shape_id=* is the preferred GTFS id tag for a PTv2 route relation as it directly corresponds with the tagging system. It is evaluated by PTNA to link from the analysis to the GTFS data if additionally gtfs:feed=*, operator:guid=* or network:guid=* (in this order) is present (example).
Adding the gtfs:route_id=* does not harm but is not needed as it is derivable from gtfs:shape_id=*

If there is no shape file and no shape_id in the trips.txt file, gtfs:trip_id:sample=* or gtfs:trip_id=* are the alternative solutions.

Two different name spaces

Currently, two different name spaces are used for GTFS, gtfs_* and gtfs:*:

Note: There actual numbers of use dropped as some companies stopped providing shapes.txt files.

gtfs_shape_id=* gtfs:shape_id=*