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Public-images-osm logo.svg ice_cream
Dessert with ice cream at Greens in San Francisco.jpg
To indicate if a shop or amenity sells ice cream Edit or translate this description.
Group: Food and beverages
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ice_cream=yes/no is used to indicate if a shop sells ice cream among other products.

Amenities specialized on ice cream should be tagged with the dedicated tags and not use this tag.

This tag can be used on various amenities and shops, for example:

It cannot be used on tags such as amenity=restaurant, because the tag cuisine=ice_cream is preferred.

See also

  • amenity=ice_cream: a shop or booth selling only or mostly ice cream, a generic tag
  • amenity=cafe, cuisine=ice_cream: a café that mainly offers ice cream, (an ice cream parlour with table service)
  • shop=ice_cream: a shop specialized on selling ice cream (mainly to take away, no table service)
  • ice_cream:type=* to indicate the kind of ice cream (current uses: artisanal for traditional ice cream, industrial for industrially produced ice cream. Suggested use could add froyo.)