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Grondwatermeter Oranjewoud.JPG
Monitoring station for groundwater parameters Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Status: in use

A  Water_well#Classification to measure groundwater parameters like level, pore pressure and quality. Also used for measuring of groundwater contamination.

How to map

There are two main base types of groundwater monitoring facilities:

If no information is available or the facility is used for both measurements, use (monitoring:groundwater=yes).

Combination tags

  • display=analog/digital
  • recording=manually/automated/remote
  • ref=* - to annotate the reference code, if existing

Example images

Oelixdorf Grundwassermessstelle-Breitenburger-Gehölz April-2009 SL270971.JPG Grundwassermessstelle IMGP4309 wp.jpg Nummeriertes Objekt im Wald.JPG Itzehoe, Bahnhof Edendorf IMG 0581.JPG Hinweisschild-Messpunkt April-2009 SL270582.JPG 100 Jahre Erdfallsee 14 04 2013 Grundwassermessstelle.jpg Grundwassermesstelle-2-11.jpg