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Group: Shops
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motorcycle:type=* - a shop=motorcycle or other entity which sells / rents motorcycles or clothes and accessories of a certain type.

Differentiation is needed if you search for a workshop with appropriate tools or for a motorbike rental of a certain type (i.e. scooters/exept scooters). Possibly also if a specialization is desired (scooter/offroad/chopper...)

Currently "predefined"

  • standard (Sometimes also called "nakedbikes", unless they got windshields)
  • dualsport (On- and offroad bikes, also called "Enduro")
  • offroad (Motocross or Hardenduro)
  • chopper (Cruiser)
  • sportbike (Supersport, Racebikes)
  • scooter (Vespa is the most famous example)
  • all If the shop sells / rents / repairs every type of bike
  • electric If the shop sells / rents / repairs electric motorbikes

In case of several, use a Semi-colon_value_separator.

For a detailed description, see Types of motorcycles

For tag combinations (services), see shop=motorcycle.


"Every type except scooter" isn't defined yet, please discuss in Talk:Key:motorcycle:type