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Common name in the Urdu langauge Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Status: de facto

name:ur=* is the key used on OpenStreetMap to provide an Urdu language translation of a name, or to identify the default name as being in Urdu.

Urdu is widely spoken in both Pakistan and India, and is mutually intelligible with Hindi (name:hi=*. The language has a 'lingua franca' status and many of its speakers natively speak a different regional language.


Written Urdu uses the Arabic script in the 'Nastaliq' calligraphic style/typeface. Urdu text can be rendered on the OSM wiki using a Nastaliq font by applying Template:Nastaliq. For example,

{{Nastaliq|فیصل آباد}}

becomes فیصل آباد.