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Minimum opening or entrance/exit distance on chicane shaped barriers like cycle barriers. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: approvedPage for proposal

opening=* indicates the minimum width of an opening, entrance or exit of a multi-stage or chicane shaped barrier, like (motor) cycle barriers, to which the tag is added.

The value should be specified in metres (e.g. opening=1.5) following the existing specification on tagging metric values like width values. If the opening/entrance/exit widths of individual grid/barrier elements are different, only the smallest of these opening widths should be tagged since the smallest distance will determine the general passability (Example: If the "entrance" is 3 m wide and the "exit" only 2 m, use opening=2).

For simple types / designs of cycle barriers, simply specifying maxwidth:physical=* may be sufficient – see cycle_barrier=* for different designs and which tags should be combined.

Usually this key should combined with spacing=*. overlap=* could also be a suitable addition, depending on the barrier design.

See also

  • barrier=cycle_barrier - A barrier along a path that slows or prevents access for bicycle users
  • spacing=* - Minimum distance between the grids of chicane shaped barriers like cycle barriers
  • overlap=* - Overlap distance of the barrier elements on multi-stage/chicane shaped barriers like cycle barriers
  • maxwidth:physical=* - The maximum width in metres
  • width=* - The width of a feature