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Public-images-osm logo.svg roof:direction
Orientation of the roof surface(s) as the direction of the roof slope. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: buildings
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roof:direction specifies the orientation of a roof shape specified with roof:shape=*. This tag describes the direction of the roof surface(s), not the roof ridge.

In contrast, with the simpler alternative roof:orientation=*, the ridge direction is described with along versus across related to the longer of two building edges. This detection is not suitable for pent roofs and square buildings, roof:direction must be used here. These two tags are alternatives, it is sufficient to use one of them.


The alignment of the roof surface(s) is defined in an imaginary viewing direction from high (ridge) to low (eaves), the slope of the area(s). This corresponds to the direction in which rainwater runs off the roof surface.
The value should be recorded as an approximate compass direction (N, S, NW, ESE), or as an approximate degree between 0 - 360.



In the case of a pent roof (skillion) in the south-east orientation, the degrees are given

  • roof:direction=135

With an axisymmetric roof shape - such as a gable roof (gabled) - there are two possible values. Any one of these can be chosen (e.g. with a comparable building orientation also roof:direction=135).
A pyramidal roof (pyramidal) does not require a roof:direction capture.

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