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Group: marine navigation
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Status: de facto

Harbour categories

The tag value should be a semicolon-separated list of applicable categories.

Category (CATHAF) seamark:harbour:category Definition Rendering
RoRo-terminal roro A terminal for roll-on roll-off ferries. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Ferry terminal ferry A terminal for passenger and vehicle ferries. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Fishing harbour fishing A harbour with facilities for fishing boats. NChart-Symbol INT Fishing Harbour.svg
Yacht harbour/marina marina A harbour with facilities for small boats and yachts Marina.png
Yacht berths without facilities marina_no_facilities A harbour for small boats and yachts without any facilities. Marina NF.png
Naval base naval A centre of operations for naval vessels. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Tanker terminal tanker A terminal for the bulk handling of liquid cargoes. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Passenger terminal passenger A terminal for the loading and unloading of passengers. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Shipyard shipyard A place where ships are built or repaired. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Container terminal container A terminal for container ships. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Bulk terminal bulk A terminal for the handling of bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, etc. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Syncrolift syncrolift A platform powered by synchronous electric motors used to lift vessels (larger than boats) in and out of the water. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Straddle carrier straddle_carrier A wheeled vehicle designed to lift and carry containers or vessels within its own framework. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Lay up vessels berth lay_up A berth where lay up vessels are stationed NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Wood products terminal timber A terminal for handling wood products. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Service and repair service_repair A place where mechanical services or repairs can be undertaken to engines or other vessel equipment. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Quarantine station quarantine A medical control center located in an isolated spot ashore where patients with contagious diseases from vessel in quarantine are taken.
Seaplane terminal seaplane A terminal for seaplanes. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
General cargo terminal cargo A terminal for handling general cargo. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Offshore industry support base offshore_support A base which provides support and load out facilities for offshore industry. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg
Local authority/ port service support base port_support A place where vessels from different authorities or port service vessels are stationed. NChart-Symbol INT Harbour.svg

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