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Classification of production areas based on product. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: maritime
Used on these elements
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Status: de facto

Production areas (CATPRA)


seamark:production_area:category Definition
Quarry quarry An excavation in solid rock from which building stone, limestone, etc. is removed.
Mine mine An excavation in the earth for the purpose of extracting earth materials.
Stockpile stockpile A reserve stock of material, equipment or other supplies.
Power station power_station A stationary plant containing apparatus for large-scale conversion of some form of energy (hydraulic, steam, chemical, nuclear, etc.) into electrical energy.
Refinery refinery A system of process units used to convert crude petroleum into fuels, lubricants and other petroleum-derived products.
Timber yard timber_yard A storage area for wood used for building, carpentry or joinery.
Factory factory A group of buildings where goods are manufactured.
Tank farm tank_farm An area in which a number of large-capacity storage tanks are located, generally used for crude oil or petroleum products.
Wind farm wind_farm An area in which numerous wind motors are located.
Slag heap/spoil heap slag_heap Hill of refuse from a mine, industrial plant etc. on land
Current farm current_farm An area where electrical power is produced from the lateral movement of water.
Oil field oil An area where oil and natural gas (normally as a by-product) are produced.
Natural gas field gas An area where natural gas is produced.
Wave energy field wave_energy An area where electrical power is produced from wave energy devices.