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Effective density of shrubbery.
Group: Natural
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Enriching shrubbery with its density

When mapping natural=shrubbery, shrubbery:density=* can be used to tell something about its effective density.

Effective density

While natural=shrubbery should be considered an impassable object for most traffic unless a highway=* is mapped through it (unlike, say, a grass lawn), the effective density of these areas when mapped serves a number of purposes. For orienteering oneself using a map, this detail can be useful, and may be employed by renderers to highlight it. shrubbery:density=dense in particular is useful to indicate that a natural=shrubbery area acts as a hedge.

Note that the following descriptions are (of course) just a rule of thumb for a rough, general categorisation. Mappers should not barge through shrubberies to figure out its density.

Value Definition
sparse Sparsely planted shrubbery. Generally speaking able-bodied persons could walk through them (although this is usually not desirable).
medium Shrubbery with a medium density. Able-bodied persons might be able to barge through it, but it takes some effort and might result in scratches or soiled clothing.
dense Densely planted shrubbery. Effectively impassible without damaging the shrubbery (which at this point often acts as a hedge) and getting your clothes torn.

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