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Public-images-osm logo.svg sl_stop_id
External ID to check real-time traffic updates; append the tag value to Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: public transport
Used on these elements
use on nodes unspecifieduse on ways unspecifieduse on areas unspecifieduse on relations unspecified
Useful combination

highway=bus_stop railway=station

Status: imported

The value of sl_stop_id is an internal ID used by SL Stockholm Public Transport, and can be used to find information about arrival and departures from this stop, using webservices from Stockholms Public Transport. At the moment you can use it for realtime information and route planning on the web.

Usage examples

This has changed since then See example urls:

Using the sl_stop_id for Älvsjö station (node 1270693595) you can:

Mobile realtime interface:

You can add &tt=[bus|train|metro|tram] to list only times for buses, trains or the subway.

Mobile route planning

Write 9529 in the "Från" field
Write SST in the "Till" field

Possible values

At the moment the values are only contain integers between 0001-99999, but I must confess I know nothing about the source of these IDs nor how permenant they are. But we can currently use them and that's good enough.

See also

sl_realtime=* sl_stop_id deprecates sl_realtime, since sl_realtime isn't really working anymore.

Example URLs

The name= seems to be required but it's the same on all of them.|METRO|TRAIN|TRAM&ls=&SiteId=9529&name=w4RsdnNqw7YgKFN0b2NraG9sbSk%3d

flemingsberg: RmxlbWluZ3NiZXJnIChIdWRkaW5nZSk%3d
flemingsberg station: RmxlbWluZ3NiZXJncyBzdGF0aW9uIChIdWRkaW5nZSk%3d
tullinge: VHVsbGluZ2Ugc3RhdGlvbiAoQm90a3lya2Ep
tullinge stations: VHVsbGluZ2Ugc3RhdGlvbiAoQm90a3lya2Ep
tullinge stations  södra: VHVsbGluZ2Ugc3RhdGlvbiBzw7ZkcmEgKEJvdGt5cmthKQ%3d%3d
tulling centrum: VHVsbGluZ2UgY2VudHJ1bSAoQm90a3lya2Ep
stuvsta (huddinge): U3R1dnN0YSAoSHVkZGluZ2Up
stuvsta station: U3R1dnN0YSBzdGF0aW9uIChIdWRkaW5nZSk%3d
Huddinge: U3R1dnN0YSAoSHVkZGluZ2Up
Älvsjö:      w4RsdnNqw7YgKFN0b2NraG9sbSk%3d
Ösmo station (Nyblevägen) (Nynäshamn):      w5ZzbW8gc3RhdGlvbiAoTnlibGV2w6RnZW4pICAoTnluw6RzaGFtbik%3d
Spånga station (Stockholm): U3DDpW5nYSBzdGF0aW9uIChTdG9ja2hvbG0p
Årstaberg (Stockholm): w4Vyc3RhYmVyZyAoU3RvY2tob2xtKQ%3d%3d
stockholm södra: U3RvY2tob2xtcyBzw7ZkcmEgKFN0b2NraG9sbSk%3d