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Railway workshop museum exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia.jpg
Used to denote the type of workshop in a hackerspace or other feature Edit or translate this description.
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The key workshop=* is used for specifying what type of workshop is found in a feature.

In the past it was also proposed (Proposed_features/Key:workshop) as a primary feature tag for a "fablab" or "repair cafe" in a hackerspace, however, it is no longer used frequently in this way, but usually added to another primary feature tag.

How to map

Create a node or area and add a main feature tag, such as amenity=workshop, leisure=hackerspace, or shop=*, and add the key workshop=*. Some currently used values are listed below:

  • fablab - (this value is by far the most common)
  • computer
  • repaircafe / repair_cafe
  • yes
  • no
  • Other values in use: [1]

(A Semi-colon value separator might be considered in cases where the workshop serves multiple purposes, though this has not yet been used).

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