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읍,면동의 존재하는 인구가 적은 동네를 말합니다. 설명을 편집 및 번역합니다.
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인구가 100명 이하거나 그 이상인 읍면동의 작은 행정구역입니다. 인구는 국가마다 다를 수 있습으므로 다를 수 있습니다. 인구가 더 적은 경우에는 경우에는 place=hamlet or place=isolated_dwelling; for larger settlements consider place=town을 사용합니다.

How to map

Place a node at the center of the village, like the central square, a central administrative or religious building or a central road junction and tag it place=village.

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - For the name of the settlement in the primary language for the territory
  • population=* - For the population of the settlement, if known
  • wikipedia=* - Provides a link to Wikipedia's article about the feature

Mapping villages as areas

The most common method of mapping villages is with a node placed at the center. Some mappers however map villages with an area instead of using a node. Villages often do not have a verifiable outline though and different interpretations of the meaning of areas representing populated places exist - more details can be found on the place key page. This method also loses the information on the village center which is important for data users, in particular for routing. Data users should not expect the area geometries of villages to have a particular meaning.


Simple example:


Or you can expand with more information to help searching:


See also

  • place=hamlet - A smaller rural community, typically with fewer than 100-200 inhabitants, and little infrastructure
  • place=town - An important urban centre, between a place=village and a place=city in size
  • place=isolated_dwelling - The smallest kind of settlement (1-2 households)
  • place=neighbourhood - A neighbourhood is a smaller named, geographically localised place within a suburb of a larger city or within a town or village
  • place=suburb - A part of a town or city with a well-known name and often a distinct identity
  • place=locality - A named place that has no population