Leeds Mapping Party 2007

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Leeds Mapping Party was a past event to improve our coverage of Leeds. It took place 15th/16th. September 2007

What happened?

Vide: most of the traces for the weekend viewable on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNdRckXYVj4

or download the 5mb original http://chippy2005.googlepages.com/leedsmappingparty.mpg

Saturday was spent in multiple places, starting at Starbucks, Lunching at the Lounge pub, and finishing off at the Victoria Hotel.

Saturday Morning, Some traces:


more description anyone?

Sunday had a good venue all day in Leed Met's Old Broadcasting House, Woodhouse Lane.

Weekend traces:

Leeds mapping party.jpg

Tracks from 15 sources, as of 16 September, Sunday Night.

Before and After

Before and after leeds mapping party.jpg

Traces in osm as at 14th September (gray), and Tracks collected over Mapping Party. Well Done!! (Landsat background)

The osmarender output





Original Sign-up list

Change this to list who actually came

Also "Possibility of celebrity attendance on Sunday"? ooh. did that happen?

There is also on upcoming and facebook

Press Coverage

Written by Richard Hamer from Blue Sky PR Press Release for leeds mapping party - was issued to: Yorks Post, Yorks Eve Post, Radio Aire, BBC Radion BBC Look North, Calendar, Metro, Real Radio, O'Reilly GMT

On Saturday, had film crew and interviews from 2 Masters students from Trinity and All Saints College. (Did anyone get their details / could someone get a copy of this? - chippy)

Yorkshire Evening Post ran the article on 12 September: Volunteers take part in hi-tech mapping project