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Leefdaal, Belgium

latitude: 50.847532, longitude: 4.590182
Browse map of Leefdaal 50°50′51.12″ N, 4°35′24.66″ E
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Leefdaal is a town in Belgium at latitude 50°50′51.12″ North, longitude 4°35′24.66″ East.

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Mapping day Leefdaal

Leefdaal mapping started on November 11th, 2006. Nothing was done in this area yet so all inital data was gather on the Leefdaal mapping day, a 2 hour long mapping session by foot, bike and car. This was probably one of the first mapping days in Belgium so thanks RichardH, Pimpel, Jelle and Cimm for making this happen.

GPS points in Leefdaal after the Leefdaal mapping day

To do

  • No street names for the Shollenberg neighbourhood, which street is were exactly?
  • No street names for the Veldbloemenstraat neighbourhood
  • Some missing streets and neighbourhoods between the Mezendreef and the Boskee

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Almien rendering of Leefdaal from the same OSM data.

Previous versions

<gallery> Image:Leefdaal.png|Status on 2006.11.19 <gallery>