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I live Leuven and started mapping Leuven and its suroundings in September 2006. So far I'm the only OSM mapper in Leuven and mapping and tagging all by myself is a crappy job, any help is always appreciated.

Also interested in finding a solution for our languages problems in Belgium. Having 3 official languages doesn't make it easy to choose city names for OSM or WIKI pages. Started a discussion at Belgium project page to solve this problem.


My equipment

An i-mate SP5 Windows Mobile smartphone with GPSDash software and a Bluetooth TomTom GPS receiver.


September and October 2006

  • Started mapping and tagging Leuven but soon added Heverlee and a smaller part of Oud-Heverlee, all in Belgium. By the end of October Leuven was mapped for around 40%, Heverlee 70% and Oud-Heverlee 10%.
  • First mapping and tagging abroad, started mapping a tram line from the outskirts of Kraków till the center, Poland.

November 2006

  • My first mapping day. Trying to map as much as possible in Leefdaal, a smaller town between Leuven and Brussels (Belgium) with 2 friends and RichardH who was friendly enough to join us from Brussels.
  • Long distance mappings from Leuven (BE) to Aachen (DE), some 250km and from Leuven (BE) till Delft (NL) by car and back, some 360km.
  • Started running the Tiles@home distributed rendering client on a Debian server somewhere in Denmark to help rendering the tiles for the slippy maps.


Some minor updates around Leuven, Belgium. Mainly outlining the forest boundaries.


Gave a presentation about OpenStreetMap at BarCamp Ghent.


  • Some updates around Leuven, Belgium.
  • Started adding lit=yes tags in Belgium.