List of LINZ layers and notes

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This is the current list of LINZ layers. We are working through the Chatham Island(s) layers first to map LINZ layers to OSM tags.

  • Click the 'x' to check the import status.
List of LINZ layers
Name Entity Geometry Type Chathams Mainland Notes
airport_pnt Airport Point
airport_poly Airport Polygon x x
beacon_pnt Beacon Point x x
bivouac_pnt Bivouac Point x
blowhole_pnt Blowhole Point x
boatramp_cl Boatramp Linestring x x Script req'd
bog_poly Wetland Polygon    
boom_cl Breakwater Linestring x
breakwtr_cl Breakwater Linestring x x
bridge_cl Bridge Linestring x x
building_pnt Building Point x x
building_poly Building Polygon x x
buoy_pnt Buoy Point x
cad_road_cl Road Linestring    
canal_cl Watercourse Linestring x
canal_poly Watercourse Polygon x
cattlstp_pnt Gate Point x x
cave_pnt Cave Point x
cblwy_ind_cl Cableway Linestring x
cblwy_peo_cl Cableway Linestring x
cemetery_pnt Cemetery Point x x
cemetery_poly Cemetery Polygon x x
chimney_pnt Chimney Point x
cliff_edge Cliff Linestring x x
coastline Shoreline Linestring x
contour Ground surface Linestring x  
crevasse_cl Crevasse Linestring    
cutting_edge Cutting Linestring x
dam_cl Dam Linestring x x
depform_edge Basin Linestring    
descrip_text Text Point x x
distice_poly Icefield Polygon    
drain_cl Watercourse Linestring x x
dredge_pnt Dredge Point x
dredg_tl_cl Dumping ground Linestring x
dry_dock_poly Dry dock Polygon x
embankmnt_cl Embankment Linestring x
exotic_poly Woodland Polygon x x
fastice_poly Icefield Polygon    
fence_cl Fence Linestring x x
ferry_cr_cl Lane Linestring x
fish_fm_poly Aquaculture area Polygon x
flare_pnt Chimney Point x
floodgte_pnt Gate Point x
flume_cl Watercourse Linestring x
flume_pnt Watercourse Point x
ford_pnt Ford Point x x
fumarole_pnt Fumarole Point x
gas_val_pnt Transmission line Point x
gate_pnt Gate Point x x
geo_bore_pnt Well Point x  
geo_name Text Point x x  
gl_lake_poly Lake Polygon    
golf_crs_poly Golf course Polygon x x  
grave_pnt Grave site Point x x  
grav_pit_poly Mine Polygon x  
height_pnt Spot height Point x x  
helipad_pnt Helipad Point x  
hist_ste_pnt Historical site Point x  
iceberg_poly Iceberg Polygon    
ice_clf_edge Cliff Linestring    
ice_poly Icefield Polygon x
ice_shelf_poly Icefield Polygon    
ice_strm_cl Watercourse Linestring    
island_poly Island Polygon x x
kiln_pnt Kiln Point x
ladder_cl Ladder Linestring x
ladder_pnt Ladder Point x
lagoon_poly Lagoon Polygon x x
lake_poly Lake Polygon x x
landfill_poly Dumping ground Polygon x
mangrove_poly Wetland Polygon x
mari_complex_poly Woodland Polygon    
marne_fm_cl Aquaculture area Linestring x
marne_fm_poly Aquaculture area Polygon x
mast_pnt Tower Point x x
melt_strm_cl Meltstrm Linestring    
mine_pnt Mine Point x
mine_poly Mine Polygon x
mixed_scrub_poly Woodland Polygon    
monument_pnt Monument Point x x
moraine_poly Ground Polygon x
moran_wl_poly Ground Polygon x
mud_poly Ground Polygon x x
named_feat Text Point    
native_poly Woodland Polygon x x
orchard_poly Cropland Polygon x
pa_pnt Historical site Point x
pipeline_cl Transmission line Linestring x
plantatn_poly Cropland Polygon    
pond_poly Lake Polygon x
powerline_cl Transmission line Linestring x x
pumce_pt_poly Mine Polygon x
pylon_pnt Tower Point x
quarry_poly Mine Polygon x x
racetrk_cl Racetrack Linestring x x
racetrk_pnt Racetrack Point    
racetrk_poly Racetrack Polygon x
radar_dm_pnt Radar dome Point x
railway_cl Railway Linestring x
rail_stn_pnt Building Point x
rapid_cl Rapids Linestring x
rapid_poly Rapids Polygon x
redoubt_pnt Historical site Point x
reef_poly Reef Polygon x x
reservr_poly Tank Polygon x
res_area_poly Place Polygon x
rifle_rg_poly Restricted area Polygon x
river_cl Watercourse Linestring x x
river_poly Watercourse Polygon x x
road_cl Road Linestring x x
rock_out_pnt Pinnacle Point x
rock_pnt Shore Point x x
rock_poly Shore Polygon x x
rr_crossing_pnt Intersection Point    
runway_poly Runway Polygon x x
saddle_pnt Gap Point x  
sand_poly Ground Polygon x x  
sat_stn_pnt Antenna Point x x  
scatscrb_poly Woodland Polygon x x  
scree_poly Talus Polygon x  
scrub_poly Woodland Polygon x x  
shaft_pnt Shaft Point x  
shelt_blt_cl Shelterbelt Linestring x x  
shingle_poly Ground Polygon x x  
shoal_poly Bar Polygon x  
showgrd_poly Show ground Polygon x  
sinkhole_pnt Sinkhole Point x  
siphon_pnt Siphon Point x  
siphon_poly Siphon Polygon x  
ski_lift_cl Cableway Linestring x  
ski_tow_cl Cableway Linestring x  
slipway_cl Boatramp Linestring x  
slip_edge Ground surface Linestring x  
snow_poly Snowfield Polygon x Duplicate of ice_poly
soakhole_pnt Soakhole Point x x  
spillwy_edge Spillway Linestring x Script req'd
spring_pnt Spring Point x  
sprtfld_poly Sports field Polygon x  
stockyard_pnt Stockyard Point x x  
swamp_pnt Wetland Point x x  
swamp_poly Wetland Polygon x x  
tank_pnt Tank Point x x  
tank_poly Tank Polygon x  
telephn_cl Transmission line Linestring x
tower_pnt Tower Point x
track_cl Road Linestring x x
tree_pnt Tree Point x x
trig_pnt Control point Point    
tundra_poly Woodland Polygon    
tunnel_cl Tunnel Linestring x
tussock_poly Woodland Polygon    
version_poly   Polygon    
vineyard_poly Cropland Polygon x
walkwire_cl Bridge Linestring x
waterfal_cl Waterfall Linestring x
waterfal_edg Waterfall Linestring x
waterfal_pnt Waterfall Point x
waterfal_poly Waterfall Polygon x
water_r_cl Watercourse Linestring x
weir_cl Dam Linestring x
well_pnt Well Point x
wharf_cl Wharf Linestring x x
wharf_edge Wharf Linestring x
windmill_pnt Windmill Point x
wreck_pnt Wreck Point x x