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  • To sort this table by both geometry type and import status, first sort by the secondary sort column, and then by the primary sort column.

Upload steps

All-at-once uploads

  • Do tag matching and download .osm files from the LINZ-2-OSM web app (for access ask Rob C.)
  • Check for pre-existing features at TagWatch
  • Download any existing OSM data for comparison using Xapi:
wget -O existing_data.osm "$URL/*[natural|waterway=waterfall][bbox=$BBOX]"

HB July 2012: if info freeway server fails try:

wget --progress=dot:mega -O data.osm "$URL/*[bbox=$BBOX]"
#  but does it support "a|b" multiple tag queries?
Or download the latest NZ planet.osm file from Cloudmade. (20mb as of Dec 2010; 150mb as of Dec 2011)
  • Use the following python script to find existing.osm vs. linz2osm.osm features within 100m of each other:
Script for finding nearby nodes
  • Open .osm file in JOSM, check for problems with the Validator plugin
  • Notify the NZOpenGIS mailing list of your intentions, leave comments open for a few days before proceeding.
  • Upload it as the "LINZ Data Upload" user (for access ask Glen B.)
See the LINZ/Howto page for cleaning and upload tips.
If uploading polygons take care to also upload the associated multipolygon relations.
  • Mark its status in the table below as "Imported"
  • note "uploaded by $YOU for the mainland $DATE in changeset $CHANGESET" in the LINZ-2-OSM web app
  • Revisit duplicates found by the python script. It will give you a list of URLs to visit, maybe tick the "[ ] Data" box in the OpenLayers top-right (+) menu. If the list is long you might post to the NZOpenGIS mailing list asking for help.
  • To help add light to the paper-trail, make any merging edits using your personal OSM user account.
    • Add the tag LINZ:merged=V16 for features in the LINZ upload which are melded with existing OSM data (merge any tags/try not to lose any information).
      • Without a source=GPS tag on the existing features don't assume that either one or the other is the correct one. If you are not local with a GPS, viewing with satellite backdrop imagery in Merkaartor or JOSM can help. Toolserver has another good comparator resource.
    • Add the tag LINZ:corrected=V16 for features where the LINZ data was just plain wrong, and correct them in OSM. (probably don't bother if you've just moved an object by a few metres, or used cartographer's license in a minor cleanup, maybe add a LINZ:modified=V16 tag if it has moved more than a few meters but less than a glaring error)
    • If the feature no longer exists (e.g. a boatramp which has been washed away due to river bank erosion), write down it's OSM feature ID then delete it from OSM. The history log will keep a record of the deletion. Then just to make things easy please add the feature ID and a description of the problem to the LINZ upstream notification list wiki page with the idea that it will get reported back to them there.
    • If you still aren't sure, add a fixme=verify_position or some other fixme= tag to flag to others that this item is a bit dubious.
  • Change its status in the table below to "Imported and merged" if adjustments were needed, or "Imported and checked" if no adjustments were needed.
  • Notify the NZOpenGIS mailing list with what you've done, what you learned, and what problems you encountered.
  • Do not proceed to the next layer until the previous one is complete.

By-region uploads

  • the methods and tools for this are a work in progress, but we are making very good headway with the new LINZ2OSM web app.
You'll need a user account there to perform checkouts of workslices for your area of interest. See the site for details.
The issue tracker and source code for the web app can be found on github. It's been written to be non-NZ specific, good for managing any bulk upload!
  • Some layers will have to wait for others to be done first. For example the lakes and offshore islands really need the coastline to be done first to avoid overlapping water, and the bridges, fords, and gates really want the roads to be in place first, to help with sane feature merging.

Easy tagging

As of Aug 2012 these unimported layers in the new LINZ data release with unapproved mainland tagging have either no attribute tags to match (other than their layer name and LINZ data description), or just a name= field. Remove them as they get approved tagging.

      table_name       | has_name 
 cattlestop_pnt        | f   (maybe do roads first?)
 cutting_edge          | f   (more discussion required)
 dredge_tailing_cl     | f
 floodgate_pnt         | f   (more discussion required)
 ford_pnt              | t   (maybe do roads first?)
 gravel_pit_poly       | f
 rapid_cl              | t   (final discussion required)
 rapid_poly            | t   (final discussion required)
 residential_area_poly | t   (''on hold'')
 showground_poly       | f   (final discussion required)
 sinkhole_pnt          | f   (seems ready, waiting to be seconded)
 slip_edge             | f
 spillway_edge         | f

Layer Table

List of LINZ layers (NZ Mainland)

Name Group Geometry Type # Features Status
airport_poly Airport Polygon 58 Imported
beacon_pnt Beacon Point 350 Imported and merged
bivouac_pnt Bivouac Point 135 Imported
blowhole_pnt Blowhole Point 1 Imported and checked
boatramp_cl Boatramp Linestring 350 Imported and merged
boom_cl Breakwater Linestring 5 Imported
breakwtr_cl Breakwater Linestring 69 Imported and merged
bridge_cl Bridge Linestring 16819 Not Imported (do regionally)
building_pnt Building Point 551638 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island uploaded (NZ S of 46.66S)
building_poly Building Polygon 24646 Not Imported (do regionally)
buoy_pnt Buoy Point 8 Imported and checked
canal_cl Watercourse Linestring 74 Not Imported
canal_poly Watercourse Polygon 119 Not Imported
cattlstp_pnt Gate Point 231 Not Imported
cave_pnt Cave Point 134 Imported and merged
cblwy_ind_cl Cableway Linestring 25 Not Imported
cblwy_peo_cl Cableway Linestring 101 Not Imported
cemetery_pnt Cemetery Point 930 Not Imported
cemetery_poly Cemetery Polygon 173 Not Imported
chimney_pnt Chimney Point 7 Imported
cliff_edge Cliff Linestring 53102 Not Imported (do regionally)
coastline Shoreline Linestring 131 Imported
contour Ground surface Linestring 619 Do not import (update CycleMap SRTM?)
cutting_edge Cutting Linestring 756 Not Imported
dam_cl Dam Linestring 292 Imported and merged
descrip_text Text Point 12718 Imported (MERGING REQ'D)
drain_cl Watercourse Linestring 43965 Not Imported (do regionally)
dredge_pnt Dredge Point 10 Not Imported
dredg_tl_cl Dumping ground Linestring 178 Not Imported
dry_dock_poly Dry dock Polygon 1 Imported and checked
embankmnt_cl Embankment Linestring 3100 Not Imported (do regionally)
exotic_poly Woodland Polygon 32430 Not Imported (do regionally)
fence_cl Fence Linestring 1047485 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island uploaded (NZ S of 46.66S)
ferry_cr_cl Lane Linestring 3 Imported and merged
fish_fm_poly Aquaculture area Polygon 20 Not Imported
flare_pnt Chimney Point 4 Imported and merged
floodgte_pnt Gate Point 153 Not Imported
flume_cl Watercourse Linestring 7 Imported and checked
flume_pnt Watercourse Point 1 Imported and checked
ford_pnt Ford Point 1256 Not Imported (do regionally)
fumarole_pnt Fumarole Point 22 Not Imported
gas_val_pnt Transmission line Point 67 Imported and merged
gate_pnt Gate Point 4490 Not Imported (do regionally)
geo_bore_pnt Well Point 18 Imported
geo_name Text Point 57049 Not Imported (use script, what's MCUL?)
golf_crs_poly Golf course Polygon 398 Not Imported
grave_pnt Grave site Point 30 Imported
grav_pit_poly Mine Polygon 433 Not Imported
height_pnt Spot height Point 85826 Do not import (update CycleMap SRTM?)
helipad_pnt Helipad Point 79 Imported and merged
hist_ste_pnt Historical site Point 160 Imported
ice_poly Icefield Polygon 3329 Imported and merged
island_poly Island Polygon 17362 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island: Imported and merged
kiln_pnt Kiln Point 10 Not Imported
ladder_cl Ladder Linestring 2 Imported
ladder_pnt Ladder Point 3 Imported
lagoon_poly Lagoon Polygon 90 Not Imported
lake_poly Lake Polygon 57099 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island uploaded (NZ S of 46.66S)
landfill_poly Dumping ground Polygon 180 Imported and merged
mangrove_poly Wetland Polygon 1464 Not Imported (do regionally)
marne_fm_cl Aquaculture area Linestring 5 Not Imported
marne_fm_poly Aquaculture area Polygon 311 Not Imported
mast_pnt Tower Point 1141 Not Imported
mine_pnt Mine Point 391 Not Imported
mine_poly Mine Polygon 241 Not Imported
monument_pnt Monument Point 281 Imported
moraine_poly Ground Polygon 236 Not Imported
moran_wl_poly Ground Polygon 232 Not Imported
mud_poly Ground Polygon 1769 Not Imported
native_poly Woodland Polygon 109204 Not Imported (do regionally)
orchard_poly Cropland Polygon 3023 Imported
pa_pnt Historical site Point 2127 Imported
pipeline_cl Transmission line Linestring 422 Imported and merged
pond_poly Lake Polygon 1885 Not Imported
powerline_cl Transmission line Linestring 6091 Not Imported (do regionally)
pumce_pt_poly Mine Polygon 9 Imported
pylon_pnt Tower Point 24265 Not Imported (do regionally)
quarry_poly Mine Polygon 1107 Not Imported
racetrk_cl Racetrack Linestring 1214 Imported and merged
racetrk_poly Racetrack Polygon 101 Not Imported
radar_dm_pnt Radar dome Point 8 Imported
railway_cl Railway Linestring 574 Not Imported (do regionally)
rail_stn_pnt Building Point 190 Not Imported
rapid_cl Rapids Linestring 87 Not Imported
rapid_poly Rapids Polygon 168 Not Imported
redoubt_pnt Historical site Point 32 Not Imported
reef_poly Reef Polygon 15 Imported and merged
reservr_poly Tank Polygon 406 Imported and merged
res_area_poly Place Polygon 2084 Not Imported (do regionally)
rifle_rg_poly Restricted area Polygon 37 Not Imported
river_cl Watercourse Linestring 732427 Not Imported (do regionally)
river_poly Watercourse Polygon 6027 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island: Imported and merged
road_cl Road Linestring 113761 Not Imported (do regionally)
rock_out_pnt Pinnacle Point 11325 Not Imported
rock_pnt Shore Point 881 Imported
rock_poly Shore Polygon 6059 Not Imported
runway_poly Runway Polygon 3635 Not Imported
saddle_pnt Gap Point 691 Not Imported
sand_poly Ground Polygon 5470 Not Imported
sat_stn_pnt Antenna Point 5 Imported
scatscrb_poly Woodland Polygon 34307 Not Imported (do regionally)
scree_poly Talus Polygon 11797 Not Imported
scrub_poly Woodland Polygon 95276 Not Imported (do regionally)
shaft_pnt Shaft Point 5 Not Imported
shelt_blt_cl Shelterbelt Linestring 159729 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island uploaded (NZ S of 46.66S)
shingle_poly Ground Polygon 28712 Not Imported
shoal_poly Bar Polygon 8 Imported
showgrd_poly Show ground Polygon 14 Not Imported
sinkhole_pnt Sinkhole Point 668 Not Imported
siphon_pnt Siphon Point 11 Not Imported
siphon_poly Siphon Polygon 20 Not Imported
ski_lift_cl Cableway Linestring 41 Imported
ski_tow_cl Cableway Linestring 44 Imported
slipway_cl Boatramp Linestring 39 Imported and merged
slip_edge Ground surface Linestring 6451 Not Imported
snow_poly Snowfield Polygon 3329 Duplicate of ice_poly
soakhole_pnt Soakhole Point 4277 Imported
spillwy_edge Spillway Linestring 29 Not Imported
spring_pnt Spring Point 149 Imported
sprtfld_poly Sports field Polygon 18 Imported and merged
stockyard_pnt Stockyard Point 676 Imported
swamp_pnt Wetland Point 1285 Imported
swamp_poly Wetland Polygon 10108 Not Imported (do regionally)
tank_pnt Tank Point 4801 Imported and merged
tank_poly Tank Polygon 383 Imported
telephn_cl Transmission line Linestring 392 Imported and checked
tower_pnt Tower Point 57 Not Imported
track_cl Road Linestring 86958 Not Imported (do regionally)
tree_pnt Tree Point 1608786 Not Imported (do regionally)
Stewart Island uploaded (NZ S of 46.66S)
Chch uploaded (bbox=172.25,-44,173.25,-43.25)
tunnel_cl Tunnel Linestring 377 Not Imported
vineyard_poly Cropland Polygon 796 Imported
walkwire_cl Bridge Linestring 58 Imported
waterfal_cl Waterfall Linestring 6 Imported and checked
waterfal_edg Waterfall Linestring 51 Imported (attend to fixme=*)
waterfal_pnt Waterfall Point 1741 Imported
waterfal_poly Waterfall Polygon 1 Imported and checked
water_r_cl Watercourse Linestring 2241 Not Imported (do regionally)
weir_cl Dam Linestring 44 Imported
well_pnt Well Point 73 Imported
wharf_cl Wharf Linestring 1560 Imported and merged
wharf_edge Wharf Linestring 93 Imported
windmill_pnt Windmill Point 1016 Not Imported
wreck_pnt Wreck Point 46 Imported