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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
Captured time

This is a list of issues to revisit after the main LINZ import is done and dusted.

TODO: sort into sections

Immediately post-upload

  • Merging/connecting roads and track nodes for example
  • Once river_cl is uploaded we need to merge those ways with the soakhole_pnt nodes.

Correct Geometry

  • The waterfall_edge layer is in part tagged as a cliff which the water flows over. The OSM convention for cliffs is to have the top (upstream side) of the cliff be on the left side of the way, and the bottom (downstream) on the right side of the way.
The LINZ data line direction was mixed, so fixme=verify_way_direction has been added to them all and is to be removed from each individually as they are either verified or fixed (JOSM → Tools → Reverse Ways).
A list of ways to check can be found here: (scroll down to "Has the following ways:")

Correct Taggings

  • Apply local knowledge after identifying specific cases
  • river_cl: LINZ doesn't distinguish between small streams and moderately sized rivers. If it's small enough you can jump across it, re-tag as waterway=stream instead of waterway=river. While you are at it make sure the river way directions are pointing downstream.
Proposed solution: Pass it through a GIS and determine the Strahler Order of each way and set strahler_order=1-12 and strahler_source=GIS software used. Ways with a stream order > 3 or 4 would stay tagged as waterway=river while tributaries less than that would get tagged with waterway=stream. Note this is just a starting point, folks would be expected to correct as needed for their local streams and rivers. This might get tricky for places where rivers are broken at lakes and bogs, and probably we'll have to specify which end way touches the coastline.
  • windmill_pnt: LINZ doesn't distinguish between wind turbines for power generation, wind pumps for pumping water on farms, and historic windmills for milling grain.
Re-tag as power=generator + power_source=wind, man_made=windpump, or man_made=windmill as appropriate.
  • historic_site_pnt: they're in with historic=yes right now, but should be looked over and for example the historic huts should get tourism=alpine_hut added to them, while keeping the historic=yes tags in place.

Long term

  • Tag proposals, philosophical discussions outside the scope of our little group, etc.

Random pool

to be sorted into above categories (or more)
  • The LINZ data dictionary does not always reflect what's in the dataset. As extractions are selected, the downloader should look at the layers' data Statistics page in the LINZ-2-OSM web app and make sure that no undocumented attribute tags are missed. I've already caught a couple of these by chance. If any are found we can retroactively fix any of the already uploaded Chathams layers.

  • swamp_pnt: digitize areas around them?
HB: Do not invent data. If it's a node leave it as a node. waiting to see how they interact with the swamp_poly layer. Perhaps no area but add name=Swamp to them?
  • stockyard_pnt: need to add the proposal to OSM. There is nothing at the moment which satisfies what we have. we have used landuse=stockyard in the interim
  • shelt_blt_cl
    • merge nodes with barrier=fence (see example on LINZ wiki page)
    • propose barrier=shelter_belt or barrier=tree_line for these items ?
  • check descrip_text for any extra points that may have been missed from the main import ; upload them.
  • check geo_name for any extra points that may have been missed from the main import (town names, etc) ; upload them.
  • Check rock_poly against coastline to see if they overlap
    • They do, a lot. open question about layer=-1. (coastal rocks seaward of coastline / below high tide line)
  • dam_cl: after loading be sure to check neighboring water masses, merge duplicate nodes, and add landuse=reservoir tags to them as needed.
  • Check "native_poly" on Chatham Islands. Seems to have frozen during the import but the layers are there on the map. But are they all there?
  • After all natural=* layers are uploaded, use Xapi to download all natural=* features and merge any duplicate nodes using the JOSM Validator plugin. document how to grab untagged inner children of relations
  • After road_cl and track_cl are both uploaded, use Xapi to download highway=* and merge any duplicate nodes using the JOSM Validator plugin.
  • Revisit natural=sand and tag those ones that are beaches as beaches, those that are dunes as dunes, etc.
  • revisit natural=mud and see if we can add tidal tags, etc to any of them.