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OpenStreetMap hackers hacking at the MapQuest offices

This is a past event. A hack weekend on Nov 30th and December 1st 2013 in London. A smorgasbord of hard-core development, tutorials and hanging around in pubs!

What got hacked?

Some hacking achievements:

blog write-up by SK53 - gives a list of various hacks

on Dan's blog - more details of his offline tiles HTML5 hack

Who was there?

This is the original sign-up list. Not necessarily a complete or correct list of attendees. Feel free to edit for a historical record.

  • Matt - organising.
  • Jon Burgess
  • User:robert will find a way of attending one way or another
  • Dan S
  • Nafisa Javed
  • Tom Hughes Saturday only
  • SK53 (not Friday)
  • MickO (not Friday)
  • Edward Hands Saturday at least
  • Amaroussi maybe for a short while on Saturday, and also perhaps to tell MapQuest that Japan uses green for their expressways and toll motorways should be distinguished from free motorways? Oh, and stuff about Greece's roads, naturally.
  • Richard Saturday only
  • Frederik Fri/Sat only, flight home Sun 06:15
  • Andrew, most likely Sunday
  • Derick — not all of it though!
  • Grant (Firefishy) - Saturday only
  • Serge
  • Steve Chilton - probably just for Sat night pub
  • Kat A
  • Paul The Archivist - just for the pub on Fri/Sat, I'm intending to go out surveying instead during the day
  • Simon Nuttall - Not Sunday due to a railway engineering work over-run.
  • Dimi - 50%. Saturday only probably.
  • Thura Z. - Sunday only.
  • edit the page to add your name here

Old event info


AOL has donated two large meeting rooms in their London offices at 11-20 Capper Street (WC1E 6JA), near UCL, map. On the day you'll need to be buzzed into reception and sign in, so make sure your name's on the list below even if there's only a small chance you're coming. Avoid disappointment - sign up now!

The front door of the AOL office is the furthest one from Tottenham Court Road, in the white Art Deco style building on the south side of Capper Street. There's a buzzer for entry on the right side of the door. Once inside, the guard will ask you to sign into the visitor's register and will either call Matt or show you through to the rooms we've got booked.

The meeting rooms and facilities we have been allocated are fully accessible, with step-free access if required.


It's a buffet-style event - come for the bits you want and leave the bits you don't. So to help everyone rendezvous, here's a rough schedule. Can't promise we'll stick to it, but we'll try (especially the bits at the pub). For lunch during the event it's a bit of a tradition to get some pizzas in, but if you don't like (free) pizza then there's all the delights of Tottenham Court Road at our doorstep map with unhelpfully few names.

Friday 29th
7pm until closing: Pre-hackery pub meetup at the Bree Louise near Euston. map review.
Saturday 30th
10am to 6pm-ish: Coding, chatting and so forth at hack weekend HQ, AOL, Capper Street. map
6pm until closing: Post-hackery pub meetup at the Crown and Anchor near Euston. map website. The pub does food (see website for menu) and is near some good curry houses.
Sunday 1st
10am (hangover-permitting) until 6pm-ish: More coding, subdued conversation and dim lighting at hack weekend HQ, AOL, Capper Street. map

Hack Weekend?

An OpenStreetMap "hack weekend" is a meet-up where we bring along laptops to an office space and spend the weekend doing some technical work to improve OpenStreetMap. This may be development of the "core" components, the editors, or any other side projects and pet projects we fancy hacking on. OpenStreetMap has development tasks sprouting from it in all directions. There's work to do in almost any programming language, as well as tasks like documentation, and even some non-technical graphics design and translation tasks.

We mostly take a fairly unstructured free-form format. People turn up and start beavering away on something, or they turn up and see what they can help with. However we can also run more structured workshops if there is demand

Ideas for themes / targets

Tutorial session ideas:

  • ideas go here!

Hacking ideas:

  • Humanitarian stuff
    • Visualisation of editing activity post Typhoon Haiyan. Good one for Derick maybe?
    • The OSM Tasking Manager ( - Possibly a bit tricky to get involved in. There's a v2 in the works apparently. code is on github and the v2 test site is here. Pierre Giraud is the main contributor.
    • Also the Kuona click-on-the-village thing for HOT. Installation of this somewhere where HOT would have centralised control over volunteer efforts. Integration of this into the task manager, perhaps as a different type of task. Or integration of this into the "crowdcrafting" platform.
      • NOTE: difficult to hack on, because no live site, and the codebase doesn't include its DB setup
  • The New History Tab is so funky - any way to help with that?
  • Food Hygiene Rating Scheme & Postcode tools (fuzzy matching on tokenised names, POI type). (SK53)
  • Linear maps (a la Lorp), generalising streets. (SK53)
  • OpenSantaMap comes up in discussion this time every year, usually a bit too late. A launch at this weekend would be good timing.
    • Chippy is interested in helping with this remotely
  • Matt is looking for people to help out with Code4OSM, a site for developer documentation for OSM-related projects. Design, documentation, code - everything will be helpful!
  • Matt might also be working on the JSON branch for API requests and responses in JSON.
  • Grant needs to get Lucene working again on the wiki :-)
  • ideas go here!