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Xmas osm logo.svg


A special seasonal rendering for Xmas.


Chippy is current owner of (website not available)


  • The style sheet should have a snowy background
  • Pubs should blink on and off.
  • Random snowmen in parks etc
  • Crashed sleighs into buildings
  • Colours to change to green and red, and gaudy.
  • Tacky MIDI Christmas background music
  • Render traffic_signals as Christmas trees.
  • Show local subsidiaries of Santa Clause
  • Skating locations
  • Santa's markets
  • Show where a Real White Christmas is Happening (this takes some real time effort of members)
  • Sleigh shops
  • Rendeer parks ;<)
  • Romantic Places (christmas style)
  • Toy shops
  • Igloo icon on the north pole (there are quite a few poles we should tag them all
  • Show public uploaded clickable pictures with Christmas theme (on coordinates)
  • Let the public create localized christmas cards, make them clickable
  • Any house that has thousands of christmas lights and stuff should be marked as a POI (tagged as christmas_lights=yes)
  • Turkey farms!
  • Snow draped across the top of each continent at small scales
  • Default map center, north pole (lat 90, lon 0)
  • Your idea....

Practical Considerations




Graphics, new icons?

☃ Unicode Character 'SNOWMAN' (U+2603) ☃ etc.

Openlayers themed colours

Mercator is not a good projection for interesting stuff near the north pole.

It is better for land not to be very white, snowmen, snowballs, and santa beards will show up better.

Seasonal Tagging

More generally we might pick out things from our regular map data such as...

  • christmas_lights=yes
  • shop=toys
  • place=north_pole/south_pole, type=geomagnetic|magnetic|celestial|...
  • ice_skating=yes or sport=ice_skating
  • place=farm, turkeys=yes


  • Edgemaster has done some mapnik hackery to produce the image to the right...
    Edgemaster's Mapnik hackery. Massive snowflake symbols!
  • LastGrape/Gregory (LwD) is doing a mashup with snowing locations (and thinking up better ways to start as he goes on with his first way).
  • LastGrape/Gregory (LwD) has also created some icons, note that snowman.png is used for the snow locations.

Working Maps

  • XmasMap within german speaking countries.
  • Created in 2012 The Xmas map of germany (now abandoned).