London/Wembley mapping party 2008

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Cake diagram. DONE! ...well maybe

This is a past event

On Sunday 12th October 2008 we spent the day mapping Wembley and environs, West London (normal map, unnamed streets map openstreetbugs)

What happened?

All the usual team showed up...

We hit the streets of Wembley on bikes and roller-blades (Harry). We've grown accustomed to the fast and furious mapping pace of an evening mapping party, but this time we had the whole day. By lunchtime we were a bit tired. By the evening we all completely knackered, but between us it looks like we did almost the entire cake.

Harry blogged about 'Skating round Wembley Stadium'

Old Organisation Detail

When : Sunday 12th October - Morning and/or Afternoon.

Where: Wembley and environs, West London (normal map, unnamed streets map openstreetbugs)

Getting to Wembley

Wembley has many transport links, perhaps due to some sort of sports auditorium they have recently (re-) opened there.

The stadium web site has a leaflet about getting there, but here's a short list:

  • Tube
    • Jubilee line (Neasden & Wembley Park)
    • Bakerloo line (Stonebridge Park, Wembley Central & North Wembley)
  • Rail
    • Stonebridge Park and Wembley central are on the line out to Watford Junction from either Euston or Clapham Junction. Change at Willesden Junction for crossrail.
    • Wembley Stadium is on the line to High Wycombe from Marylebone.
  • Bus
    • Any of the following routes go to central Wembley: 18, 79, 83, 92, 182, 204, 224. YMMV, particularly if you use TFL's site.


  • 10am - 1pm-ish: Morning mapping.
  • 1pm-ish - 3pm-ish: Lunch in the "lunch pub", below.
  • 2pm-ish - 6pm: Afternoon mapping.
  • 6pm - ?: Post mapping meet-up in the "afterwards pub", below.

All times are approximate - as is usually the case with mapping parties. I will try to stick to the schedule above, but feel free to come round at any time.

I will be bringing my laptop, so if you're new to OSM and would like a demo of the many wonderful OSM editors, please ask.

What you need to bring


Well, it would be better if you bring a pen or pencil, as we may run short. As this area is already fairly well mapped from aerial imagery, a GPS is not required. I will be bringing print-outs of the "cake" on which you can write the names of roads and mark the locations of POIs. The weather forecast looks fairly mild (BBC is saying sunny intervals), but its always advisable to bring something rain-proof.

The pubs

Cake Diagram

1. (Firefishy) -- After work - 14 Oct

2. (Firefishy) -- After work - 14 Oct, Unless someone else can.

3. Firefishy

4. (Harry Wood)

5. (Harry Wood)

6. Firefishy

7. User:Matt -- Only if I have time spare. If you would like this slice please take it.

8. (Randomjunk)

9. (Gravitystorm)

10. steve8

11. (Gravitystorm)

12. steve8

13. Harry Wood

14. Matt

15. Harry Wood

16. (Randomjunk)

17. (Randomjunk)

18. Matt

19. Randomjunk

20. Smsm1 (Randomjunk)

21. (Smsm1)

22. (Smsm1)

23. Smsm1


  • upcoming
  • Harry posted the event to ...put Shaun's phone number. hope that's ok :-)
  • Other ideas? Local community websites to list on? Contacts to email about it?