London/Winter 2008-9 Random Pub Meetup

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The London Winter 2008-9 Random Pub Meetup was a series of past events held fortnightly. Being the winter time we eased off on the mapping, and mainly did this as a social pub meet-up, but tried to have an interesting change of venue each time to attract new people.

Current events

This page is for historical interest, but some very similar events are quite possibly taking place right now. Check out the London page for event updates.

Past locations

A random pub meet-up (mad hatter)

Going back further in history we had the London/Summer 2008 Mapping Party Marathon, but these were the winter pub locations we went to:

No Date (from 7pm) Area Pub Upcoming Link What happened?
1. 1st Oct Euston The Rocket [1]
2. 15th Oct Beckenham George Inn [2]
3. 29th Oct Chiswick The Swan [3] [4]
4. 12th Nov New Cross The Marquis of Granby [5] harry diary
5. 26th Nov Islington The Bull [6] [7] Lots of people went: Smsm1, Harry Wood & Francine, Firefishy, Gravitystorm, Matt, Blumpsy& Louise, steve8, TomH, Amm, Stephen, JennyH, and JoeRichards
6. 10th Dec South Bank The Mulberry Bush [8] [9] Shaun's blog
7. 24th Dec For the really hard core mappers North Pole [10] This one didn't really happen.
8. 7th Jan Euston The Rocket, Euston [11] [12] First London meet-up of 2009 and we had 15 people along! harry's diary
9. 21st Jan South Bank The Mad Hatter (map) [13] harry's diary + photos!
10. 4th Feb Earls Court (West) The Drayton Arms (map) [14] harry's diary
11. 18th Feb Liverpool Street (East) Dirty dicks (map) [15] harry's diary + photos
12. 3th Mar Angel The Island Queen (map) [16] harry's diary + photo + photo
13 17th Mar Marble Arch The Tyburn (map) [17] harry's diary + photo. Celebrating 100000th user
14 1st April Covent Garden Freemasons Arms (map) [18] harry's diary + photos & Gregory's diary