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Lorica, Córdoba, Colombia
latitud : 9.24, longitud : -75.82
Examinar mapa de Lorica 9°14′24.00″ N, 75°49′12.00″ W
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Lorica es una ciudad en Córdoba, Colombia, en la latitud 9°14′24.00″ Norte y la longitud 75°49′12.00″ Oeste.

Las imágenes de OpenStreetMap (y los datos del mapa subyacente) están disponibles libremente bajo la licencia OpenStreetMap.

HOT Red Cross mapping project 2012

To add the imagery in JOSM :

  • Open the preferences and go to the WMS/TMS tab
  • Click on the "+" at the bottom right to add the new imagery, a dialog window opens
  • At the top, give a name to the imagery, e.g. "Tierralta ICRC". At the bottom, in the "Imagery URL" field, paste this :
  • Click OK and the imagery is now available in the "Imagery" menu.
  • When you zoom in or out, you need to right-click on the name of the

imagery in the "layers" list and the click on "change resolution"

The source tag to use is "ICRC, DigitalGlobe 120311"

What comes next ?

Once a large part of the imagery is digitized in OSM, the ICRC team in Tierralta will use Walking-Papers to enhance the map with POIs and street names.