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Bogotá Distrito Capital, Colombia

latitude: 4.65341, longitude: -74.08369
Browse map of Bogotá Distrito Capital 4°39′12.28″ N, 74°05′01.28″ W
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Bogotá Distrito Capital is a city in Colombia at latitude 4°39′12.28″ North, longitude 74°05′01.28″ West.

Mapping guide

To start mapping Bogota, or if there is any kind of doubt over a tag, you can check the following guides:

If Bogota is your mapping area, add your user to the List of Users of Bogota.

Evolución de bogotá en OSM.

Tools for mapping

These are some of the tools that allows you to map the city with higher detail:


The administrative division of the city, as was previously explained, uses the following level in the admin_level tag for boundary=administrative:

  • 8 to differentiate the urban from the rural zone.
  • 9 for the UPZs.
  • 10 for the neighbourhoods.

Also, the place tag is used like:

  • citi - for the Bogota label at the turn about at the calle 63 with carrera 50.
  • suburb - for the label of each locality of Bogota.
  • quarter - for the label of the neighbourhoods.

There is a grand father relation that holds all father relations with the Bogota divisions: 12893637

NOTE: These parent relations and sub-relations could throw errors in the JOSM validations, due to the fact that these relations do not contain ways as part of the relation. This is not really a problem, because these parent relation just group object internally.

Bogota has a particular division in the country, sharing the division at the deparments level, but at the same time being a municipality. Also, Bogotá has a urban part and a big rural area.


The group of mappers focused in this city can be reach at:

This group makes mapathons to incentivize the community to participate in this project.

Resolving notes

The MaptimeBogota group organize periodic meetings to resolve notes of Bogota, and to create a community of Bogota around OpenStreetMap. The information of those meetings can be found the in MaptimeBogota homepage, as well as in MeetUp. For more information about this project, you can visit ES:Colombia/Resolución de notas (es).

MapRoulette challenges

As part of the proposed activities of the map of Bogota, we have created some challenges in MapRoulette to improve the data. In this MapRoulette Project you can find the challenges. For more information, visit Colombia/Challenges.

Work done

City boundaries

The city of Boota has a division at the department level and at the city level[1]. Following, you can find an explanation how the boundary tag has been adapted to the city: Tag:boundary=administrative#10 admin level values for specific countries

  • The external part of the Capital District is equivalent to a department, which corresponds to level 6 in the admin_level tag.
  • The border of the urban zone, which we call id Bogotá, corresponds to level 7. This zone given thanks to the external border of the UPZs.
  • The city is divided in localities, where some of them thas rural or urban parts, like Usme. In this cases, the localities crosses the borders of the City of Bogotá. This corresponds to level 9. The set of localities determine the shape of the Capital District.
  • One locality is composed by UPZs and UPRs. This is equivalent to level 9. The rest of the country has this level for neighbourhoods, but here it was modified. Due to the fact that a locality can have urban or rural zone, the border of the city of Bogota is this distinction, to delimit bogota as a city, an urban area. Because of this, the limits of the city cross the limits of the localities.
  • A UPZ is composed by several neighbourhoods. This is different from the rest of the country, while using the admin_level tag.


Ciclovías were mapped by MaptimeBogota, con apoyo de Kaart and this article describe the process.



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