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Tierralta, Córdoba, Colombia, Colombia

latitude: 8.172, longitude: -76.06
Browse map of Tierralta 8°10′19.20″ N, 76°03′36.00″ W
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Tierralta is a city in Córdoba, Colombia, Colombia at latitude 8°10′19.20″ North, longitude 76°03′36.00″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

HOT Red Cross mapping project 2012

The ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) is looking for some support from the HOT community to digitize on top of a satellite image they have acquired over the city of Tierralta. Frédéric Bonifas is a key contact point. The ICRC will use the image and the OSM tracing to work on a Water and Sanitation project.

The following is information from his mailing list post

What to map ?

There aren't really any roads left to map

The ICRC is very interested in the landuse (buildings and natural features)

How-to use the imagery ?

The image is 50 cm resolution, comes from the WV2 sensor (DigitalGlobe) and was acquired the 12th of March 2011. coverage map

To add the imagery in JOSM :

  • Open the preferences and go to the WMS/TMS tab
  • Click on the "+" at the bottom right to add the new imagery, a dialog window opens
  • At the top, give a name to the imagery, e.g. "Tierralta ICRC". At the bottom, in the "Imagery URL" field, paste this :
  • Click OK and the imagery is now available in the "Imagery" menu.
  • When you zoom in or out, you need to right-click on the name of the

imagery in the "layers" list and the click on "change resolution"

The source tag to use is "ICRC, DigitalGlobe 120311"

What comes next ?

Once a large part of the imagery is digitized in OSM, the ICRC team in Tierralta will use Walking-Papers to enhance the map with POIs and street names.