Louisville, Kentucky

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Louisville, Kentucky

latitude: 38.2542, longitude: -85.7594
Browse map of Louisville 38°15′15.12″ N, 85°45′33.84″ W
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Louisville is a city in Kentucky at latitude 38°15′15.12″ North, longitude 85°45′33.84″ West.

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Open Data

Louisville has an Open Data executive order which says all public data should be open by default

Open GIS Data

LOJIC is the city/county's public/private GIS consortium that updates its data daily. In most cases it has more accurate data than any third party (ie, Google, OSM, Tiger, etc). More open data coming soon.

  • LOJIC GIS data - Municipalities, Buildings, Historic Markers, Water, Vegetation, Railroads, Spot Heights, Recreation Areas, Stream
  • LOJIC open address data - Street centerlines, addresses, zipcodes
  • Planning and Design - Historic areas, Natural Areas, Cemeteries, Land Use.
  • Public Works - Urban neighborhoods, traffic signals, signalized intersections, alleys,


See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Category:Users_in_Louisville_KY

Map Status


The TIGER data seems relatively good for roads.

College and University Campuses

  • University of Louisville (Mostly mapped)
  • Spencerian College (partially mapped)


  • Olmsted Parks System (multtiple historic parks and parkways around the city)
  • Waterfront Park
  • Louisville Loop


  • Ohio River
  • Beargrass Creek

Public Transit