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Source of data

MOL group Budapest Hungary offered us their fuel stations to import in openstreetmap.

The type of license will be cleared soon.

Actuality of data

unclear, company asked about this.

Number and Countries of the fuel stations

The first import has 1601 useable fuel station objects (plus 14 records without lat/lon values, will be ignored) and contains following countries: Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.

For number of fuel stations in every country see table below at Import process.

Source Data Fields and transmission to OSM-Tags

The fuel stations are in a excel sheet with the following fields.

Column Description Import?
Country addr:country=*
County Subdivision in Country will be ignored
Postcode addr:postcode=*
City addr:city=*
Address contains street and in most cases housenumber, too at this time: probably store in temporary tags; otherwise semi-automatic separation into street and housenumber for import into addr:street=* and addr:housenumber=*
Brand locally company of fuel station brand=*
FS name Name of fuel station name=*
FS phone number phone number of fuel station unsure. Probably ignored because of potentialy personal data
FS mobile number mobile number of fuel station unsure. Probably ignored because of potentialy personal data
FS fax number fax number of fuel station unsure. Probably ignored because of potentialy personal data
E-mail E-mail of fuel station unsure. Probably ignored because of potentialy personal data
GPS Latitude used in geometry
GPS Longitude used in geometry

Opening hours - winter - weekday

Opening hours - winter - saturday

Opening hours - winter - sunday

Opening hours - summer - weekday

Opening hours - summer - saturday

Opening hours - summer - sunday

will be converted to osm opening_hours tag. Probably central european summer time will be used. opening_hours=*
Opening hours - without staff unsure, if used for opening hours or only times with staff.
Opening hours - shop if as extra object shop=kiosk, then: opening_hours=*
Opening hours - caffee will be ignored
Opening hours - car wash if as extra object shop=car_wash, then: opening_hours=*

Summer start

Summer end

starting time of opening times (other than standard central european summer/winter time) opening_hours=*
Services a lot of different services: from Air/Compresor, Vignettes, Coffee Machine; Shop and so on a few values will probably stored
Fuels and additives a list of fuels, see next column for import values. Unknown/unsure values (asked MOL):
  • "Heating oil" ?
  • "eco+ LPG" - probably fuel:lpg=yes, but more else?
  • "Diesel - premium" ?
  • "Bio fuel" - E10 or similiar?
  • "Gasoline - Leaded 98" - unsure, how to tag
Cards accepted a lot of cards, some will be tagged. Rest perhaps will be tagged as payment:others=* or similiar

Import Conversion

The Conversion of the source file will be done by a self written java program. --Okilimu 15:51, 1 June 2011 (BST)

Import process, people, progress

I plan to offer josm osm-files country by country. So, individuals from a country/interested in a country import can do best. Other opinions? --Okilimu 15:51, 1 June 2011 (BST)

Country Number OSM-user import interested State Comments
Austria 63
Bosnia 66
Croatia 475
Czech Republic 30
Hungary 364
Italy 218
Romania 127
Serbia 33
Slovakia 208
Slovenia 17

open issue: how to import several objects

Additionally to the main fuel station, the file content could be also used to import

Object (File Field, Value) Import?
"Services" = "Shop" shop=kiosk
"Services" = "Snack Corner" ?
"Services" = "Snack Corner" ?
"Services" = "Austrian Motorway Vignette" ?
"Services" = "Automatic car wash" shop=car_wash
"Services" = "Toilette for disable people" amenity=toilet


I'm not sure, if i should accumulate amenity with all possible values or, instead, add extra objects for the additional amenity, with an offset of a few meters around the fuel station object. --Okilimu 15:51, 1 June 2011 (BST)