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Manifold is professional GIS software. See wikipedia:Manifold System.

Manifold works using a project file (*.map) that contains all data (raster text vector) which is a powerful sql engine. Manifold developers don't support OSM directly, some manifold users offer to the community two plug-ins (dll driver and script file) for access to OSM server (raster vector) to download.


  • script in many languages: vbscript is use for vector, C# is use for tile raster graphic plug-in
  • support many gis database: postgis, MySQL
  • support import/export popular gis format: mapinfo, shapefile


Binary packages are available for Microsoft Window only. Manifold doesn't use publicity and focus in user feedback so there is no demo available; you have to pay and ask return money before the end of the limited time period you have full access to manifold functionalities.

manifold /ozi/osm

To use oziexplorer with osm, manifold could import osm maps and export them to ecw format without the need to have gis knowledge about projection. The ecw file could be used in oziexplorer as a background for oziexplorer (desktop) and oziexplorer CE (mobile). The import of OSM map could be done after a manifold user jkelly post the plug-in in the manifold forum. His implementation supports mapnik, Osmarender and cloudMade's cycle map tiles. The plug-in has been updated here to support better raster servers.

Another use of manifold could be the export road in kml format and then import them in oziexplorer that could be export in a plt format compatible with oziexplorer CE. Using vector data could be achieve using a script post by sknox in manifold forum. this script need a boundingBox before download the OSM xml data. The script become compatible with the last OSM API version 0.6.

See oziexplorer article to learn step to use manifold/oziexplorer/OSM. Manifold avoid the use of low level technology (shell command and install many perl libraries).