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Mapillary car mounts.jpg

A set of 12 mounts was gifted to the Indian OSM community to allow more contributors to Mapillary. user:Planemad in Bengaluru is distributing them to local mappers based on their edits. Here is a list of users who have the mount:


Battery Packs

  • Chetan Gowda, Bangalore - 1 battery pack
  • Jayesh Gohel, Ahmedabad - 1 battery pack
  • Shravan Shah, Ahmedabad - 4 Battery packs
  • Mapbox Office, Bangalore - 1 Battery pack

Request for one

Coordinate with someone who has the mount near you to loan you one if you feel like you can make good use of it with Mapillary. Put down your name and location here once you have one, so that it can be shared with others as well.


Requesting for mounts, t-shirts, battery packs

Email Shravan at shravan.shah[at]gmail[dot]com

Mapillary India community