Mapping of hamlets of the Federation of native communities of the Ucayali and tributaries FECONAU

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Mapping of hamlets and assets of the Federation of native communities of the Ucayali and tributaries FECONAU

Traditional house in Santa Clara de Uchunya
Traditional house in Santa Clara de Uchunya


Within the framework of the course "Introduction to scientific research", at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and in agreement with the Federation of Native Communities of the Ucayali and tributaries, we will develop a series of cartographic activities. of the hamlets that are part of this federation. The data of the areas of the Ucayali and Aguaytía rivers, among other bodies of water, the access roads to the communities, trucks, footways and buildings will also be improved and updated.

FECONAU is a representative indigenous organization of more than 30 native communities belonging to the Shipibo-Konibo, Asháninka, Isconahua and Awajun indigenous peoples, located in the districts of Callería, Nueva Requena and Yarinacocha. The organization was created in 1981, and is one of the oldest indigenous federations in the Peruvian Amazon. FECONAU participated in the constitution of the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP). In its organizational vision, the clearly defined indigenous policy stands out, with healthy and orderly indigenous territories, with autonomy for the management and conservation of their territories, with trained human resources exercising self-determination to achieve the integral sustainable development of indigenous peoples.


  • Incorporate the hamlets that are not yet on the map
  • Map the distribution of buildings in these villages
  • Map the access ways to the hamlets


Sector N Name link OSM Progress
CALLERIA 1 Callería Map 100%
2 Nuevo Saposoa Map 100%
3 Patria Nueva Map 100%
4 Chachibai Map 100%
5 Panaillo Map 100%
TIPISHCA 1 Bethel Map 100%
2 Alva Castro Map 100%
3 Nueva Betania Map 100%
4 Nueva Palestina Map 100%
5 Limongema Map 100%
6 Santa Isabel de Bahuanisho Map 20%
7 San juan de Miraflores Map 100%
8 Nuevo Oriente de Chanajao Map 0%
9 Sol del Oriente Map 100%
UCAYALI 1 Nuevo San Lorenzo Map 100%
2 Puerto Aurora Map 100%
3 Nueva Bélgica Map 100%
4 Santa Lucía Map 100%
UTUQUINA 1 Flor de Ucayali Map 80%
2 Saasa Map 100%
YARINACOCHA 1 San Salvador Map 0%
2 Santa Teresita Map 50%
3 San Francisco Map 30%
4 Nuevo Egypto Map 100%
5 Santa Clara Map 100%
6 Puerto Firmeza Map 100%
7 Nuevo San Juan Map 10%
8 Bena Jema Map 10%
9 Nueva Era Map 10%
10 Santa Martha Map 10%
AGUAYTÍA 1 Shambo Map 100%
2 Santa Clara de Uchunya y Cocha Map 100%
3 San José de Tunuya Map 95%
4 Santa Rosa de Aguaytia Map 15%


This activity will run until February 28, 2021.


User icon 2.svgjohnarupire (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.)


We will use #UNMSMxFECONAU to tagging our changesets made. The presence of this hashtag can be visualized with this tool by Pascal Neis.


Tools and data resources

We will mainly use the ID editor with satellite imageries from Maxar and the knowledge that the FECONAU members have on the ground.

Post-Event Clean Up

Before this activity finished we will a complete revision of edits in every hamlet.

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