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Mapzen POI Collector
Screenshot of Mapzen POI Collector
Author: Cloudmade
License: Free?
Platforms: iPhone and Android
Version: 1.2.5 (2010-12-19)
Language: English

Easy to use app to map just POIs

Mapzen POI Collector was a free editor application for the iPhone and Android. It was made by Cloudmade.

CloudMade's dropped all development work on the app, removed it from the appstore, and removed reference to it on their website.

The apps were quite popular for a time in 2009, being the first of a breed of simple POI oriented editors. A number of similar alternatives have now been created for iOS and Android. However there is also the chance that these apps could be brought back...

Open sourced

The Mapzen POI Collector code has been open sourced and placed on Github.

There was some work needed to get the code working and resubmit the appstores. Talk to User:smsm1 about this.

Edits from this app

This application appeared in the App Store on 26 November 2009 (New OpenStreetMap iPhone Editor - Mapzen POI Collector"). Prior to release, the application was in use by a private group of testers; therefore, attribution may appear in changeset tags from this period. It was later released for Android.

Past features

Mapzen POI Collector included the following features:

  • Proper live OpenStreetMap editor performing direct upload of changes (authenticated using OAuth)
  • Add or edit existing points of interest
  • Presets for common types of POIs
  • Pan, zoom to location and all that stuff

As is implied by the name, it only supported POI editing (node-features, no polygon-POIs). It was not a full-featured editor for adding/moving roads or other geometry. It also only supported a restricted set of tags and POI types and changes their names and formatting.

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