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Maui, Hawaii, United States
latitude: 20.809, longitude: -156.355
Browse map of Maui 20°48′32.40″ N, 156°21′18.00″ W
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Maui is an island in Hawaii, United States at latitude 20°48′32.40″ North, longitude 156°21′18.00″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

To Do

Maui was recently re-imported from TIGER 2009, which vastly improved the baseline quality of the Maui map, but a lot of work remains to be done.

  • Rejoin ways that are artificially split in TIGER data and differ only in the tiger:tlid field.
  • Agricultural roads, cane roads, and 4WD roads
    • Many of these are badly positioned, are mapped but don't exist in reality, or exist but are unmapped. Where possible, they should be manually resurveyed with GPS tracks, and via satellite imagery otherwise.
    • Most of these roads are misclassified as highway=residential, and should be reclassified as appropriate, e.g. highway=track
    • Many of these roads are private or have otherwise restricted access and should have these access restrictions noted.
    • Some of these roads have gates to control access, and these gates should be mapped.
  • Split divided highways into two one-way ways.
    • Highway 311 / Mokulele Highway
    • Highway 380 / Kuihelani Highway
    • Highway 30 / Honoapiilani Highway
    • Highway 37/ Haleakala Highway
  • Add numbered state and county routes as route relations to appropriate ways.
    • Highway 30
    • Highway 31
    • Highway 36
      • Route relation has been created
      • Route relation has been added to a stretch of Hana Hwy in the vicinity of Paʻia
    • Highway 37
    • Highway 305
    • Highway 330
    • Highway 340
    • Highway 360
    • Highway 370
    • Highway 377
    • Highway 378
    • Highway 380
    • Highway 311
    • Highway 310
  • Survey and map bike lanes
  • Survey and map beaches
  • Improve coastline quality.
  • Fix the boundaries of Haleakala National Park, possibly by reimporting from a better source
  • Import, trace, or survey streams, canals, and gulches.