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This edit has been executed on 1 January 2016.


I propose to unify the shop tag for several Dutch chain shops. The proposed changes are listed in the following table.

Name Current tags Proposed tag Comments
Etos 473x shop=chemist, 6x shop=convenience shop=chemist
Kruidvat 244x shop=chemist, 26x shop=convenience, 5x shop=supermarket shop=chemist
Shoeby 29x shop=clothes, 9x shop=shoes shop=clothes Confusion probably caused by the name.
Zeeman 122x shop=clothes, 6x shop=textile, 5x shop=convenience shop=clothes shop=textile is not commonly used or supported by data consumers
Kwantum 17x shop=furniture, 9x shop=doityourself, 5x shop=interior_decoration shop=furniture I would rather see Kwantum as a furniture business than a interior decoration business. They also sell things for decoration, but these are rather accessories for the furniture.
Manfield 24x shop=shoes, 7x shop=clothes shop=shoes Shoes are the core business
Scapino 26x shop=shoes, 19x shop=clothes shop=shoes Shoes are the core business
Albert Heijn to go 20x shop=supermarket, 18x shop=convenience shop=convenience Proposal does not correspond to current practice, but Albert Heijn to go is a prototypical convenience shop.
Action 41x shop=variety_store, 9x shop=convenience shop=variety_store
Big Bazar 13x shop=variety_store, 9x shop=department_store, 5x shop=convenience shop=variety_store

An overview of affected shops in the Netherlands can be found through Overpass Turbo:


The retail chains in this proposal have often been tagged with incorrect shop tags. Correcting the shop tags make the data more useful to data consumers.

I will take the following measurements to guarantee community support and minimize the risk of incorrect edits:

  • I will follow, of course, the Automated Edits code of conduct.
  • I have created the current page to document this automatic edit.
  • I have discussed this edit at the 'users: Netherlands' forum (link).

Technical implementation

  • I will use JOSM combined with Overpass.
  • I will download the data from Overpass, and manually select the Netherlands only. Subsequently, I will change the shop tag to the proposed tag, and upload the data.
  • I will do this edit in one changeset per chain with tags "mechanical=yes" and "comment=Correct shop tag, see".
  • This is expected to be a one-time edit. If the need arises for a new round of mass renaming, this will be discussed with the community again.
  • I will allow users to opt-out. If users want me not to touch some objects, they can contact me in the forum or by e-mail. No opt-outs have been received.


Matthijs Melissen,