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”Tirana Map for Disabled People” by Disabled Community
"Tirana Map for Disabled People" by Disabled Community (in Albania) is a project to enable this group of people to access, to use, and to benefit from the open source cartography, and in the future to make from this collaboration a strong community for mobility!
budget (Euro)€ 4,994,52
location(s)Tirana, Albania

About your Mapping Community

Tell us a little bit about your mapping community at the moment, some examples of details to include are below, but please provide us with any information you think is relevant. Please write 100-200 words

My name is Denis and I’m based in Shkodër and Tirana City in Albania (South Europe). My Mapping was focused in Shkodër but since last year in Tirana City. First time I have heard of OpenStreetMap was 2010, and since then continously I’m mapping areas where I personaly was there, have seen and have taken pictures or videos, by foot, bicycle, bike, car.

I keep telling the people I meet or in my surroundings about OpenStreetMap and the philosophy of open source cartography. In Shkodër there are not many people who are constantly mapping but at least occasionally they report cases where there is something to correct or to add. In Tirana, where I am also very active, mapping parties are organized from time to time.

In different mapping events I see that the interest of women for open source cartography like OpenStreetMap increases from time to time, just editing or the use of data or just out of curiosity.

There are several reasons why I map. Because it is fun! You meet international people online or in person! Then before I want to go anywhere, I first check the area how it is mapped in OpenStreetMap and then continue editing if needed. The same when I go somewhere on vacation, first check how it is mapped in OpenStreetMap, then edit if needed.

I was, and will be also immediately available for various natural disasters in my country, as “Shkodra Flooding 2018”, “Earthquake 11/2019” in Albania.

My mission is, “free map for free people”!

What do you need the grant money for?

We want to understand what you plan to buy, how much you plan to buy, and why this will help you to scale your community mapping efforts. There are two tables for you to fill in your response, and you may add more rows as needed. Some examples are in the table for your reference. You are welcome to use a different format in your response, but please make sure to include these details.

This grant would be a good start to support a group of people in society where they are almost completely excluded from daily life as there is no real information about their mobility. That's why I took the initiative to challenge this "missing information", to sit down with them, to talk to them, to collaborate with them, to awaken them to the use of information and the capacity of open source cartography, to create with them during the project and in the future a community or editing group (for disabled person), engaging with all possible means and my knowledge in completing information about their spaces in OpenStreetMap. This is the main goal.

To carry out this project, I will need support for the equipment, for organizing meetings and, most recently, for motivating them by awarding prizes to some of the people who have edited, contributed more or better.

Budget breakdown

Give your budget breakdown here. If you would like to present your budget in a tabular format, you can use this tool to convert your spreadsheet into a wikitable and paste the code below here

Project Costs - ”Tirana Map for Disabled People” by Disabled Community
Item What do you plan to spend money on? Cost per Unit Quantity Total Cost per Item Why is it needed?
1 GoPro + Accessoires € 420.00 4 € 1,680.00 These cost are planned for capture imagery for street-level imagery. We plan to take this project very seriously for these group of people that are totally locked out from the society and everyday life in Tirana (Albania). The possibility to offer the maximum from OpenStreetmap to map their locations for routing to go to their preferred places, we need more detailed street-level imagery. We plan to put a lot of attributes to the footway, tactile paving, pedestrian crossing, barriers kerb, parking spaces, public markets, entrances with ramp, steps, wheelchair ramp, elevator, bus platform, paths, public parks, public buildings, etc. Those imagery will be uploaded to the “mapillary project”. So we can publish/share to the world our work and can organize “online mapping meeting” with more advanced mappers.
1.1 GoPro € 370.00 4 € 1,480.00
1.2 GoPro Accessoires (car mount, microsd card) € 50.00 4 € 200.00 Car mount needed for all GoPro in four direction of movement.
2 HardCopy Maps € 360.00 2 € 720.00 We plan to create/design two HardCopy Maps (5mm forex with double adhesive, 160cm x 220cm) where the whole city of Tirana is presented with “spaces for disabled people”. Those maps will be donated to the “Disabled Association of Tirana” and “Municipality of Tirana”.
3 VPS Hosting + Domain € 194.88 1 € 194.88 This VPS -Hosting will use to create a GIS-Portal where all disabled spaces can be presented. This portal can be a forge of “wheelmap.org”, but online for Tirana. Maybe in future for the whole Albania. The disabled persons will be motivated and we will try to create a group of mapping team from them to inspire the collaboration of creating/mapping their disabled places with our help in detail.
3.1 VPS Hosting (https://contabo.com/?show=vps) € 14.99 12 € 179.88
3.2 Domain (.com, .org for 1 year) € 15.00 1 € 15.00
4 Fix Internet (12 month)Down/Up 50 Mbps/5 Mbps € 15.97 12 € 199.64 Internet cost for high speed internet to work at home.“https://digicom.al/internet-familjar/”
4.1 Monthly Rate € 15.97 12 € 191.64 Monthly Rate
4.2 Register Fee € 8.00 1 € 8.00 1 Time Fee by Internet Provider
5 Prizes for Best Contributors(disabled people) € 129.00 10 € 1,290.00 Those prizes are planned to be awarded for 10 best contributors on the project. They can use those phones to contribute to the OpenStreetMap by mark places where they think are wheelchair adapted. In this way we can maintain and assist those people to be an active community. The reason why I have set this form of evaluation is that I hope that the best contributors will continue to contribute in the future independently with an smartphone.
6 Training € 600.00 1 € 600.00 We plan to organize 6 mapping training events. Introducing OpenStreetMap. How to map, basic skills. How to map for “spaces for disabled people”. Training will be indoor and outdoor to demonstrate how to capture and collect data from the environment.
6.1 Transport (for disabled people to the event location) € 50.00 6 € 300.00
6.2 Location Rental € 50.00 6 € 300.00
7 Car Fuel(driving cost for street-level imagery) € 250.00 1 € 250.00 As we plan street-level imagery for the whole city and collect more data as possible, we plan to drive through all the streets in the city. A rounded number of total highways length (primary + secondary + tertiary + residential + service + living street) to drive is ca 1479 km. With own private car we calculated the fuel cost needed for driving.
8 Social Media Marketing € 10.00 6 € 60.00 Advertisement for Facebook, Instagram.
TOTAL € 4,994.52

If you receive a grant, what do you aim to achieve?

It is recommended that this supports mission of the OSM Foundation and your local community. Please provide us with any information you think is relevant including the metrics you expect to achieve. Please write 100-200 words.

  • How will the project help the community

This project will help create a community of “disabled people” in the future. The commitment of other contributors (existing and new) to support this target group will be more provocative with a very social and solidarity spirit. This project can unite us to be much closer to the philosophy of volunteering and the benefits it brings through contributions and collaborations in OpenStreetMap.

  • The area you plan to map

The main and initial focus will be the city of Tirana (the capital of Albania) where the number of population and people with disabilities is higher than in other cities. With the successful implementation of the project, we believe that in the future we will be able to sensitize institutions or companies to contribute with similar projects to extend this project model to other cities.

  • What volume of mapping you plan to complete (e.g. expected number of people, number of square kilometres)

The area of the city of Tirana is about 40 km². And we plan to operate with a team of about 3-5 people as a "core team" and with about 15-25 people with the disabled persons community.

  • How many members of your existing community you plan to train

4-5 persons

  • How many new members you hope to join your community

15-25 persons

Do you receive funding from any other sources at the moment?

If you receive funding from other organisations currently, please state how much this is, whether the donations are regular or one off, and how these funds have been raised. Please write no more than 300 words. If you have any sources of co-funding for this grant application, please provide details. Examples of this might be if you have any partners who would be willing to match grant funding if you receive it, or if your project has existing funding. Please provide as much detail as possible.

At the moment I don’t receive any funding from anyone. During the project, my plan is to try to invite potential stakeholders, people from local government, private company, NGO’s to discuss the potential of OpenStreetMap to change the way of information provided by editing maps for “disabled persons” and maybe influence the concept of mobility on the terrain for this targed group.

Is there anything you would like OSMF to support you with?

If there is anything which you would like OSMF to support you with in order to strengthen your project, please let us know. For example, this could include building relationships with OSM communities, sourcing updated imagery for mapping projects, or guidance on how to use some of the tools we have created. We want to do our best to support OSM communities, so please let us know what you need. Please write no more than 150 words.


By submitting this form to the OpenStreetMap Foundation, you certify the information contained in this application is correct, and that if you are awarded a grant, you will use it only for the purposes described above. You will provide written documentation and receipts for all of your expenses to the OSM Foundation to demonstrate this. You understand that the decisions made by the OSM Foundation Microgrants committee are final.

I, Denis Jukni DenisJu agree to follow the above declaration


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