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Mini Debian Conference India 2011 held at Nitte, Mangalore, India had a mapping party on 30th October 2011 .

Mini DebConf India 2011 Mapping Party

Event Location

Nitte, Karnataka, India

latitude: 13.183233, longitude: 74.934598
Browse map of Nitte 13°10′59.64″ N, 74°56′04.55″ E
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Nitte is a village in Karnataka, India at latitude 13°10′59.64″ North, longitude 74°56′04.55″ East.

The mapping party was held at the venue of MiniDebconf India 2011 which was held at Nitte Village of Udupi District , Karnataka . It is also near to the Mangalore city .


The location being very remote and full of forest cover doesnt have any presence in Bing Imager or landsat or mapquest imagery .

GPS Devices

We had one Nokia N900 and another Android mobile phone .

Loss of Tracks

Unfortunately we lost the traces in Android device . We used Open GPS Tracker in Android for recording tracks but we couldn't find them on the mobile phone immediately . The tracks has some more clear details of the venue .

Tools used


We used JOSM as the main tool for editing the map . JOSM needed an install of OpenJDK-JRE for smooth running of JOSM on Debian single CD install .


  • OpenGPS Tracker on Android
  • Maep on Nokia N900 Maemo


Team 1 with N900

  • Rithesh shenoy
  • Dinesh sahu
  • Pavan Rao
  • Preethi
  • Anusha
  • Shirish Agarwal

Team 2 with Android

  • Abhilash
  • Vinayak
  • Vineeth
  • Supriya
  • Tripthi
  • Pavithran