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Routing Options

This is the mapping of OSM tags to Garmin options:

OSM Garmin
motorcar/motorcycle Car/Motorcycle
foot Pedestrian
bicycle Bicycle
taxi Taxi
psv Bus
delivery Delivery
goods Delivery and Truck
hgv Truck
emergency Emergency
access (applies to everything)

Older versions of mkgmap have the emergency and delivery flags switched. This was fixed in V1136.

Avoid options:

Toll Roads -> toll=yes
Highways -> Road classes 3 and 4
Unpaved Roads -> mkgmap:unpaved=yes (apply through style file)
Ferry Routes -> mkgmap:ferry=yes  (apply through style file)

As of r1425, the mkgmap default style adds mkgmap:unpaved and mkgmap:ferry attributes based on surface=*, highway=* and route=ferry.

Some Tests with BaseCamp 3.0.6


access=destination   works for Car
hgv=destination      works for Truck
taxi=destination     no effect 
delivery=destination no effect 
motorcar=destination works for Car, Truck[1]


access=private       works for all modes
hgv=private          works for Truck
taxi=private         works for Taxi, Truck
delivery=private     works for Delivery
motorcar=private     works for Car

[1] not reproduceable on Garmin Legend HCX