Monitoring and Rollback Hack-a-thon London May 2008

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A two day developers' get-together to give a boost to two long-standing wishes for the OpenStreetMap infrastructure: Change rollback and Change monitoring

Frederik Ramm recently put together the Original Changesets and Reverts Proposal 2008 which proposes raft of changes to the API, which would be primarily tackling this problem. Creating a new API v0.6


Saturday May 3rd - Sunday May 4th, 2008.


London, UK.

Day Riverbank House, One Putney Bridge Approach, SW6 3JD Putney, London

Night this hotel is next to the venue.


We're thinking 10 people who are already intimate with the OSM back end (database, API, import / export, rails port). If you want to take part, please put your name on the list below. Don't let money hold you back, there's funding available for travel and accomodation expenses. Be in touch with mvexel to arrange this.


Couple of reasons:

  • It's becoming essential. With 25,000+ users and OSM becoming a really well known entity inside and outside the geodata world, we need a robust way to deal with database vandalism, intentional or otherwise.
  • It's funded! Monitoring and rollback are defined as key development focus in the accepted funding proposal.
  • It's fun


  • Prepare for the Google Summer of Code. OpenStreetMap takes part and Monitoring and Rollback are on the list of projects for this summer. Define the projects in more detail.
  • Hack stuff like necessary adjustments to the API, data model, a sandbox environment, ...


TomH expects to be there on Saturday morning and Sunday

Frederik ARR LHR 02.05. 14:45 DEP LHR 04.05. 19:50 Stay at Holiday Inn Express Earls Court.

User:Randomjunk will turn up to lend a hand.

Richard will be there on Saturday.

GabrielEbner will arrive on Friday at 20:40 at LHR (BA0705), and depart on Monday at 18:50 at LHR (BA0706).

Kleptog will arrive Friday 19:30 VG247, Depart Sunday 18:40 EZY2165

Jburgess will be there

Rduivenvoorde will arrive 18:15 Fri 2 May 08 City Airport (KL1561), Depart 18:45 Sun 4 May 08 (KL1562)

Etienne may turn up on Saturday afternoon.

Harry Wood came along just to meet some people on Saturday morning.