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Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

latitude: 49.167, longitude: -123.933
Browse map of Nanaimo 49°10′01.20″ N, 123°55′58.80″ W
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Nanaimo is a city in British Columbia, Canada at latitude 49°10′01.20″ North, longitude 123°55′58.80″ West.

Users In Nanaimo

User:Acrosscanadatrails does remote editing & visit occasionally

Data Sources

Natural Resources Canada see CanVec
GeoBase NHN see GeoBase
City of Nanaimo see talk-ca archives for direct permission notice.

Todo List

Map Out Bike Network (from Nanaimo Data & physical survey)


Trans Canada Trail Newscastle Island Trails Nanaimo-Parkway Trail

Map Regional Parks

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