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If a relation isn't in the list below for a given highway, please add it to the list, or create it and add it to the list if it doesn't exist. State and Federal highways should use a single relation for each highway. If highway physically splits into two ways and separates the two directions (such as an Interstate), the same relation should be used for both directions, with a role indicating north/south or east/west (see Nebraska's I-80 for an example.) A single way may have more than one relation if it is signed for more than one highway, that is, if two or more highways overlap for a distance.

Relation Tags

Set relations as follows:

type=route Required.
network=US:NE Required.
ref=* Highway Number. Required. Example: 789
route=road Required.
modifier=* Business routes, for example, would have a modifier of "business"
addr:state=NE Optional.
is_in=NE;NEB;Nebraska Optional. Functionally equivalent to addr:state=NE, but older and therefore used by more applications, and more general.
symbol=* Optional. URL to an SVG image of the route shield.

You can find these in Wikimedia commons, here.

url=* Optional. URL to a page where more can be learned about this route (often, but not always, Wikipedia).

The name=* tag should not be marked on same relation unless the entire system has the same name. Quite often, when a state route passes through a community, it will have local name.

Existing relations

Check this table before creating a new relation for an NE state highway. If a relation already exists here for a given highway, use it. If the highway is not listed, search for it and add it to the list, or create a new relation and add it to the list.

Route number Relation Progress
NE 2 relation 1128377