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Nitte is a village in Udipi district of karnataka and is the venue for NMAM Institute of Technology .

Previous Mapping

MiniDebconf 2011 has seen the start of basic mapping in the college . Enthusiastic students have proposed another meet/workshop again in the college this time focusing on the college and also another settlement nearby for advanced mapping .

Mapping Party 2012

13th April

  • A small mapping party in Nitte village concentrating on NMAMIT campus .

14th April

Special focus on Karkala village with more details added to OSM .

Mapping Workshop

  • Introduction to editing .
  • Tracing around the imagery in Udupi and Mangalore cities
  • Using GPS trails to extend the data .
  • Rendering introduction


Edits done

Mangalore ladyhill region edits

  • Corrected Mangala Stadium, Swimming Pool.
  • Added SRB Bhavan, Corporation Bank Public Library, Rotary Club ladyhill, Prasad Art Gallery, Mannagudda Central warehouse, RK Hostel, Kalyan Jewellers, Sizzler ranch.

Varanasi region edits

  • Added Jaiswal House, Machhodari Park, swaminarayan mandhir in machhodari.

Karkala region edits

  • Added Karkala Old busstop.

Mapping the College Terrace

The college building shape could be clearly captured by moving on the edges of the terrace . This was the first introduction to GPS tracing . It was performed using 3 mobile devices (Samsung Galaxy GTS5830 , HTC Wildfire & Nokia N900 )

Hostellites Nitte Mapping

Divided into two teams one lead by Pavi and other lead by dishant . They have tracked down the village using their GPS devices .

pavi's team

Device: Nokia N900

  • The team captured all the POI's right from masjid , banks, hotels and other shops.
  • Captured the gates, Candle shop, water tank, toilets, rosary mother's Statue, priest house and boundary compound of the church.

Dishant's team

Device: HTC Wildfire S

  • This team captured lot of areas like hostels and grounds by going around the areas.
  • Captured Campus places Quadrangle and Medical center.

Home Mapping

  • Nitte to padubidri route corrected by aadarsh ayappan.

Mapping on Day 2

Day 2 started with interviews going on paralelly with reviewing pending edits by the students .

Places Mapped

  • St Lawrence Church located at Attur , Karkala.
  • Bahubali Hill located at Karkala
  • Chaturmukha Thirthankara Basadi located at Karkala
  • Dharmasthala Road at Karkala

Teams on Day 2

  • Cheryl's Team Samsung Galaxy GTS5830
    • Cheryl
    • Akash Jaiswal
    • Vedaj JP
    • Prafulla Kumal
    • Ralston
    • Mapped St lawrence church borders
    • Mapped Chaturmukha Thirthankara Basadi
  • Aadarsh's Team Samsung Galaxy GTIS503
    • Swapnil Jaiswal
    • Bhushan
    • Adarsh Nayak
    • Aadarsh Aiyyappan
    • Mapped the St Lawrens Church building borders and lake .
    • Mapped Swaraj Maidan
  • pavi's team Nokia N900
    • pavi
    • Chaitra
    • Shravan Alva
    • Ajith
    • Traced the boundary of St lawrence church and Bahubali Hill .
    • Mapped POI's near Dharmasthala Road .
  • Dishant's team HTC Wildfile S
    • Dishant
    • Sneha
    • Praveen Illa
    • Bhuwan
    • Arun Jain
    • Tracked ways and Garden infront of the St.Lawrance Church(arthur Church) and its surrounding places and Bahubali Temple.
    • Captured Padmanabha venugopala temple and its surrounding places.