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This page is to enable users to check on progress, find particular features, and share tagging suggestions for common issues.

Public Transport

Checkout ÖPNV-Karte for a transport map showing state of current mapping.

Bus Routes

Details can now be found at Nottingham/Public_Transport.

Long Distance Routes

Usually operated by National Express.

Taxi Ranks

AFAIK none are marked. SK53 20:07, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

  • Nottingham Station
  • Carrington Street outside Broadmarsh Bus Station
  • Wheeler Gate
  • Beeston Bus Station. Night time (7 pm to 7 am on E side of Car Park); Day Time on W side of car park. Interesting tagging.
  • QMC. Not sure if there is a proper rank here. Lots of cabs park up on yellow lines in adjacent streets.


  • Line 1 - Station Street to Pheonix Park
  • Line 1 - Station Street to Hucknall

Tracks and stations for Line 1 are plotted, had has a route relation.

Lines 2 and 3 are proposed to be constructed to Beeston, Chilwell and Stapleford (A52); and Clifton (A483). Routes will diverge on Queens Drive at Enterprise Way, with line 2 following Enterprise Way crossing the railway onto Gregory Lane, then Leengate, QMC, along the SE boundary of Nottingham University, University Boulevard, through Beeston to Castle College, then through a green corridor (formerly earmarked for a road feeding into Beeston) out to the Bardills roundabout. Line 3 will continue down Queens Walk over the Tollbridge following the former GCR alignment to the N end of Wilwell Cutting NR, crossing Fairham Brook S of Silverdale, and following Farnborough Road through Clifton. Extensive details (all underpinned by OS mapping) are available on the net.


Major Roads

Recent erroneous changes to tags of main roads (Motorways, 'A', and 'B' roads) suggest that it is useful to keep a short listing of the main roads within the mapping boundary for Nottingham. Collecting details of signage whether by photography or audio can also help maintain the accuracy of this data. Links are provided to SABRE -these accounts should not be used as a source for mapping (ownership/copyright/licensing issues) - but are very useful for confirming if an edit is erroneous or not (for instance if deciding to revert an edit). Special thanks to SomeoneElse for reverting lots of edits, I hope this section might be of use if this situation arises again. SK53 14:09, 6 September 2009 (UTC)


  • M1. tba.


  • A453. Two sections, one from city centre to Clifton Bridge along Queens Drive (status PRIMARY), and then from the S side of Clifton Bridge to M1 J24 (status TRUNK).
  • A52. tba.
  • A60. Quite complicated, will add later.
  • A609. Ilkeston Road from Canning Circus, then Wollaton Road, and Trowell Road. Status PRIMARY.
  • A610. Status between Nottingham ring-road and M1 not certain, but probably TRUNK. Needs re-surveying.
  • A612. Road from Nottingham to Southwell via loops S of Sneinton, Colwick and Netherfield. Status PRIMARY.
  • A606. Melton Road in West Bridgford. Status PRIMARY to Wheatcroft roundabout, TRUNK from Wheatcroft roundabout to Melton.
  • A614. Starts N of Redhill. NO LONGER' used for Nottingham ring-road.
  • A6002. Coventry and Bilborough Lanes. Status PRIMARY.
  • A6005. Castle Boulevard, Abbey Bridge, Abbey Street, University Boulevard, Queens Road (Beeston) etc to Long Eaton. Status PRIMARY.
  • A6007. tba
  • A6011. tba
  • A6019. Link S of city centre along Waterway Street, up to S of Station and Queens Road. Links A453 to A60.
  • A6130. Lenton Boulevard.
  • A6200. Derby Road from the Nottingham ring-road to the city centre. Formerly was the A52.
  • A6211. Thakaray's Lane, Daybrook, Arno Vale Road, Gedling Road to Mapperley Plains, Arnold Road to Gedling thence along Colwick Loop road to junction with new bypass route. Status largely derived from OS OpenData StreetView. Status PRIMARY
  • A6464. Woodside Road at E edge of Beeston from Derby Road roundabout (Priory) to junction with University Boulevard/Queens Drive. Status PRIMARY.
  • A6514. Nottingham ring-road from junction with Derby Road to Mansfield Road. Was formerly A614. Status TRUNK (green signs).


All should be status SECONDARY.

  • B600. From Cinderhill roundabout through E side of Nuthall via Watnall, Greasley, Moorgreen, Selston etc.
  • B679. Wilford Lane from S side of Clifton Bridge to junction in West Bridgford.
  • B680. Ruddington Lane from off Wilford Lane to Ruddington where it becomes Kirk Lane before rejoining the A60.
  • B682. Sherwood Rise, Nottingham Road, crossing the ring-road at the Futurist, Vernon Road, Highbury Road to Bulwell, loops S of the town centre and thence N to junction with A6011. Status of the section where the A6002 meets this road is not consistent (marked PRIMARY, with ref B682).
  • B683. Bestwood Road, N from E end of MoorBridge.
  • B684. Woodborough Road, Mapperley Plains etc.
  • B686. Carlton Road, Carlton Hill, Burton Lane etc.
  • B690. Aspley Lane from Bobbers Mill to junction of Strelley Road/Broxtowe Lane.
  • B6003. Stapleford Lane through Toton, Toton Lane, Church St and Pasture Lane in Stapleford until reaches A6007.
  • B6004. Hickings Lane in Stapleford, then a long gap (the A6002, was originally B6004) when it starts again at Strelley, E along Strelley Road, Broxtowe Lane, Stockhill Lane, Mill Street (Basford), David Lane, Park Lane, Arnold Road, Oxclose Lane to Mansfield Road (A60) at Redhill.
  • B6006. Station and Woodside Roads in Beeston.
  • B6008. Runs along Bells Lane to the Nuthall Road. A very short road. Once upon a time it, used to run along Cinderhill Road to the centre of Bulwell, BUT DOES NOT DO SO NOW.
  • B6009. From Watnall N of Hucknall aerodrome to A611.
  • B6464. Runs from By-pass Road in Chilwell along High Street (Chilwell), Chilwell Road, Middle Street and Broadgate (Beeston) to University W entrance (junction with A6464).

Roads status uncertain or lacking information

  • Radcliffe Road from S of Trent Bridge to junction with Lady Bay Bridge/Trent Boulevard. Currently status PRIMARY. (Travel down here daily - has green signs along it's length. Junction with Lady Bay Bridge/Trent Boulevard currently being modified to include more traffic light controlled crossings Kevjs1982 21:34, 10 April 2010 (UTC) )
  • Canal Street from roundabout by BBC Nottingham to junction with Castle Boulevard. Status very uncertain. A main road takes a large amount of traffic, but evidence on the ground as to its status is fairly ephemeral. Logically should be primary.
  • Collin Street S of Broadmarsh Centre. As for Canal Street.
  • Calverton Lane, Arnold. Currently marked SECONDARY, but lacks a 'B' road reference. Possibly TERTIARY. Now downgraded to TERTIARY after survey.
  • Thackery's Lane, Arno Vale Road, Gedling Road, Arnold Lane. Currently marked SECONDARY, but lacks a 'B' road reference. Possibly PRIMARY or SECONDARY. Section now graded PRIMARY A6211 from OS OD SV.
  • Meadow Lane. From Lady Bay Bridge to County Road this is clearly part of the A6011, the one part of the TRUNK (in OSM sense) system which passes close to the city centre. The E section has a lot of traffic, and should be PRIMARY at least (E section signed on ground with green signs, therefore Trunk Kevjs1982 21:34, 10 April 2010 (UTC) ), whereas the W section is quieter, but still an important link for traffic travelling SW from the A612 (Alas, no signs point down it with the exception of blue backed cycle way signs Kevjs1982 21:34, 10 April 2010 (UTC) ). Requires survey.
  • Wollaton Vale. Marked as SECONDARY, but no ref. Probably TERTIARY. Now downgraded to TERTIARY after survey &xcheck against OS StreetView.
  • Sneinton Market / NCT Lower Parliament St Depot. Several roads are tagged SECONDARY round here. Probably should be checked.
  • B600 in Nuthall, two roads have this reference.
  • Secondary roads in Eastwood don't seem quite right.

Roads which change name along their length

Although this phenomenon is not restricted to main roads, it is certainly more common given their length. It can be surprisingly difficult to locate the point where a road name changes. This is an incomplete list of such roads in the area, grouped by Cake Slice.


  • Sherwin Road/Castle Boulevard. Section from roundabout for Abbey Bridge W to junction with The complication here is that addresses on S side are Castle Boulevard (recorded on OSM), and those on the N side Sherwin Road. Inspection of old maps before Abbey Bridge was built shows that the two roads only met at the W point, with a grassy area between them. The current main road follows the Sherwin Road alignment and a footway that of the original Castle Boulevard.


  • Ilkeston Road/Wollaton Road. Name change at junction with Faraday Road/St Peters Street.
  • Hartley Road/St Peters Street. Name change is close to junction with New Road, as evidenced by house numbers.


  • Beechdale Road/Hollington Road. Name change is just before roundabout outside the Beechdale pub (junction on Enthorpe St). Whether shops on N side belong to Hollington Road or Beechdale Road has not been ascertained.


  • Highbury Road/Vernon Road. name changes at Basford Crossing junction.
  • Western Boulevard/Valley Road and Western Boulevard/Church Street conundrum. The name changes somewhere between the railway bridge and the Futurist. A bus stop on the road leaving the A6514 W of the railway bridge is recorded as being on Western Boulevard, but a street sign at the N end of this road says Church Street. A guess would be that Church St originally linked Valley Road and Western Boulevard before the current railway bridge was built. Research required.
  • Mill Street/David Lane. Assumed to change at the junction with Bramble Close outside the Horse and Jockey.
  • Church Street/Basford Road/Alpine Street. A short stub of road links from outside the Black Swan pub to the junction of Alpine Street and Basford Road. It is not clear which of the three streets it belongs to but Basford Road seems the likeliest candidate.
  • Stockhill Lane/Percy Street. Road changes name at N end of Basford Primary School, a couple of hundred metres S of the mini-roundabout. Accurate on OSM.
  • Whitemoor Road/Tintern Drive. Name change assumed to be at Bailey Street junction.


  • Cinderhill Road/Coventry Road/Main Street (Bulwell). Coventry Road diverges so this junction is clear, the other name change is not. Addresses are in the mid 100s at the mini-roundabout junction with Leonard Street.
  • Oxclose Lane/Arnold Road. Junction with Edwards Lane.
  • A6002 Sandhurst Road/Camberley Road. Assumed name change is at junction with Squires Avenue.

West Bridgford

  • Trent Boulevard/Adbolton Lane/Regatta Way - section for Radcliffe Road to Skylarks is Regatta Way, section from Trent Boulevard bus terminus to NWC is Adbolton Lane, section from T/B bus terminus to Lady Bay Bridge is Trent Boulevard)

Green Spaces

Nature Reserves

Owner/operator in brackets (NWT = Notts Wildlife Trust; Council = Nottingham City; WT = Woodland Trust)

  • Attenborough NR (NWT) - Main paths mapped, most features too.
  • Bramcote Ridge (Broxtowe Council) - Lots of paths mapped.
  • Beeston Sidings LNR (Nottingham City Council)
  • Chilwell Dam Plantation NR (NWT)
  • Chilwell Meadow NR (NWT) - outline of area from Yahoo.
  • Fairham Brook NR (NWT) - located by survey, and outline mapped from Yahoo.
  • Harrisons Plantation NR (NWT) - reasonably complete mapping of paths.
  • Lenton Triangle NR (NWT) - outline of area only from Yahoo: not accessible (surrounded by railways)
  • Kings Meadow NR (NWT) - outline from Yahoo & GPS. Paths added.
  • Martins Pond LNR (Council) - pond, some vegetation and paths mapped
  • Netherfield Lagoons Wildlife Refuge LNR - Paths mapped, features within are approx location.
  • Oldmoor Wood (WT) - outline and about half the paths, outside area.
  • Sandy Banks NR (Nottingham City Council) - outline only.
  • Sellar's Wood (NWT) - paths mapped in W half, water features (various ponds) not mapped.
  • Sharphill Wood NR (NWT) - outline with some paths only. Lots of paths currently up for designation as public footpaths.
  • Sneinton Green Way (Council) -
  • Stonepit Plantation NR (NWT)- outline and some paths only.
  • Sun Hill NR (Nottingham City Council) - remnant heath land in Bestwood area, not mapped.
  • Wilford Brick Pits NR (NWT) - outline with most paths and fencing delineating SSSI area. Access to SSSI t.b.d.
  • Wilwell Cutting NR (NWT) - outline only, with some vegetation features from Yahoo.

Country Parks

Some of these are just outside the defined area of Nottingham, but are very well used amenities (and may justify an eventual extension of the boundaries of the target area). Several have received dedicated mapping attention.

  • Bestwood. Just outside N edge of residential area.
  • Bramcote Hills
  • Broxtowe
  • Colwick (All main paths now mapped - from GPS - Other features (e.g. lake, scoutcamp, woodland absent)
  • Hempshill Vale (former Cinderhill Colliery tip)
  • Holme Pierrepont (National Watersports Centre and Country Park)
    • Mainly outside the aerial photography area, but well mapped. Site has recently been taken under local authority control (April 1 2009) and there are numerous works ongoing and planned.
    • Known features to be missing or poorly mapped (May 2009):
      • Obstacle course missing due to tree coverage/rubbish GPS (north of eastern end of Regatta Lake)
      • Buildings missing, HPP Rugby Club and Sailing Club sites badly mapped
      • Grandstands missing
      • Mapping of lakes leaves a lot to be desired - many paths cut across them until crudely fixed.
      • Camp Sites unmapped (along with the village and hall).
      • Unpaved/signed tracks at eastern end of the site incomplete
  • Rushcliffe Country Park (Ruddington).
    • All paths and features from aerial photography and memory, needs to be checked with GPS and missing features identified.
    • GPS traces show that the Yahoo! photography is generally accurate across most of the site (getting worse in the north east)

Newstead Abbey is owned by the City of Nottingham. Located about 15 km N of the city. The area is not well mapped: mainly a few features from NPE.


  • Basford
  • Beeston , mapped by User:will_p Jan, 2011.
  • Chilwell (tucked away on N edge of Depot)
  • Forest Road (the Rock Cemetery)
  • General Cemetery
  • Northern Cemetery (Bulwell)
  • Redhill
  • Wilford Hill (Southern Cemetery)


  • Arboretum
  • Bridgford Park (some paths and features mapped, accuracy not brilliant - aerial photography outdated)
  • Wollaton Park
  • Woodthorpe Park


  • Hungerhill allotments - mapped from aerial photography only. Access difficult. This is a listed conservation area and would be nice to have decently mapped.

Golf Courses

  • Beeston Fields
  • Bulwell Forest
  • Bulwell Hall
  • Chilwell Manor
  • Edwalton
  • Keyworth (just outside area)
  • Mapperley
  • Wollaton Park



Listing incomplete.

Major retail areas

  • Nottingham City Centre
  • Arnold Town Centre
  • Beeston Town Centre
  • Bulwell Town Centre. Somewhat amorphous area spreading along High Road both E & W of centre and N up Wollaton Road.
  • West Bridgford Town Centre

Minor retail areas

Mix of larger groups of dedicated retail premises (usually on estates built post 1920) and traditional linear shopping streets (usually with many closed units).

  • Alfreton Road
  • Bracebridge Drive Shops
  • Clifton Shops
  • Hyson Green
  • Lenton Boulevard. Mainly fast food, convenience stores for student population. Some others also.
  • Sherwood

Parades of Shops

  • Bramcote Lane
  • Elmbridge Shops
  • Farndon Green
  • Middleton Boulevard
  • Hillside
  • Rise Park Shops
  • Silverdale Shops

Retail Parks and similar

  • Castle Marina
  • Daybrook
  • Queens Drive
  • West Point

Commercial & Industrial

Other Amenities

Post Boxes

  • Post Boxes - List of postboxes available at - can filter by NG1 (etc) to see any unmapped in a particular area (alas doesn't filter updates back to OSM so remember to tag on OSM). As of Oct 2009 we have a decent amount of postbox data for Nottingham: it should be possible to use this to draw reasonably accurate outward postcode boundaries within the city area for NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, and NG11.

Post Code Areas & Sectors

  • NG1. City Centre roughly bordered (clockwise) by Castle Road, Ropewalk, Clarendon Street, Waverley Street, Forest Road, , Mansfield Road, Huntingdon Street, A60 to Queens Road.
  • NG2. The Meadows, and West Bridgford. Border to E is roughly around London Road or the canal, to the N Queens Road and the canal/railway line, and to the W the Boots factory and the former Great Central railway line and Landmere Lane.
  • NG3
  • NG4
  • NG5
  • NG6
  • NG7, Includes Radford, Lenton, Nottingham University, Dunkirk, The Park, and areas W of the Arboretum. Precise delineation from NG1 requires more address data for areas close to the Ropewalk, and Waverley Street.
  • NG8. Includes Wollaton Park, Wollaton, Aspley, Strelley, Bilborough and Broxtowe areas of the city and Strelley village beyond the boundaries. S boundary is Derby Road, although the address on the N side appear to have NG7 postcodes (further data needed). N boundary is clearly between Strelley (e.g., Moorgreen Estate and Assarts Farm Estate), but less clear around Cinderhill and Phoenix Park. E boundary roughly follows the railway line, and then Nuthall Road. Apparently 6 postcode sectors, with NG8 1 being around Wollaton Park Estate, and NG8 6 around Strelley, Broxtowe.
  • NG9. More or less coincides with former UDC of Beeston & Stapleford (i.e., Beeston, Stapleford, Bramcote, Bramcote Hills, Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough). Probably also includes Lenton Abbey and area around Broadgate student residences. W boundary is the Erewash.
  • NG10. Long Eaton area, outside current area.
  • NG11. Wilford, Clifton, Ruddington Lane and off Landmere Lane (e.g., industrial estate). Also includes Gotham, Ratcliffe-on-Soar etc.
  • NG16. Nuthall, including Assarts Farm Estate (Mornington Crescent).

Future Change

  • Tram lines. See above.
  • Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. Proposed for comprehensive re-development. Postponed by economic circumstances.
  • Eastside redevelopment. Various masterplans have been published for this area - roughly between Sneinton/St Anns and the City Centre.
  • Cusson's factory site on Wilkinson Street, may be developed for housing. See Evening Post 11 May 2009.
  • Sandfield Council offices. The former Cottesmore School, due to be vacated by council staff and sold. See Parkviews
  • Lenton & Dunkirk area. Robert of Lenton maintains a list of planning applications with additional information at Parkviews