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A portion of the isometric map

OSM2World Maps (maps.osm2world.org) is a slippy map showing an isometric rendering of OpenStreetMap data. It is made from 3D models created by OSM2World.

Current coverage is Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus some small regions elsewhere requested by mappers.

Software used to create the isometric tiles

  • Mapsplit splits OSM extracts into data tiles
  • OSM2World creates the 3D models and renders them using OpenGL to create PNGs
  • Xvfb functions as an X server when working with OpenGL
  • png_tilegen splits OSM2World's PNG output into tile-sized images

The service uses the OSM data extracts provided by Geofabrik. Manual update requests and regions outside of Germany use Overpass API as the data source.

Other software

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