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OSM@home was a distributed rendering project for OpenStreetMap. Its aim was to create an osmarendered map of every town, city, and village in the world, and display them on a website. The main website was unavailable since 9th February 2007.

The replacement website is available at http://almien.co.uk/City/ although this doesn't yet update itself with new OSM data.


There are two main proposals which will significantly enhance this project's functionality:

  • The is_in=*-tag for creating hierachies (or categories) of locations will make the site easier to browse.
  • External links specify Wikipedia entries for towns and villages. This is important, because the Wikipedia name for something is often not the same as the town name (e.g. Boston, Lincolnshire).
    External links can also be used for features within the maps (e.g. tourist attractions, points of interest), and those can become hyperlinks on the rendered maps.

All of these tagging schemes must be done in OpenStreetMap — the OSM@home website will pick-up your changes later, when the city data is next imported.

Also, please continue to tag towns, villages, cities, countries, states, etc. with place=(city|town|suburb|village|hamlet)-tags.


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