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This page is a record of past OSM Auckland meets. To see the details on upcoming meets, please take a look at OSM Auckland.

February 2011


When: Thursday, 24th February, 7pm - 8:30pm

Topics - nothing is set in stone, feel free to come along with your own ideas and suggestions:

  • How will we build the OSM community in Auckland?
    • encouraging mappers
    • getting more people/companies/government to use OSM maps and data
    • getting more data to import
  • Assisting HOT with 2011 Christchurch earthquake mapping
  • A logo for OSM New Zealand/Auckland - ideas below if you have any
  • The consequences of the license change by OSM
  • The LINZ import.
    • We have a data set from LINZ, but need volunteers and web tools to import/merge the data
    • If you have skills in developing web applications, please come along and tell us what you can do.
  • New Zealand-specific tile set - building a tile renderer/server
    • Maori names
    • ??
  • Future subjects for meetings
    • JOSM/Potlatch tutorials
    • Other imports - Zenbu, DOC
    • Collecting data - mapping


There were 8 attendees at Tangleball, plus apologies from absentees; we talked about a few topics:


  • Kim will put together some ideas for a OSM New Zealand logo.
  • See here for some of what already exists:


Mapping parties:

  • All were interested in a mapping party, probably in North Shore or Manukau. Suggestions welcome

Import of LINZ data:

  • Discussions and decisions to date were briefly laid out
  • A number of the attendees have experience programming and are willing to help, but time is a limiting factor. We decided there are not enough resources at the moment - we will build the community more through mapping parties and then re-evaluate.
  • We also discussed manually merging the data. Possible lack of mappers may hamper this, so left as a fallback if a dedicated web application cannot be built. To be discussed more next month
  • See here for what has been achieved so far: LINZ

School mapping parties:

  • John will mention the idea of mapping parties to teachers at his school, to find out if they are interested in hosting an event.

The OSM license change:

Further subjects for meets:

  • Tutorials for map editors (Potlatch, JOSM, Merkaartor, etc.)
  • Selecting suitable GPS devices for mapping.

Mar 2011

no meeting

Apr 2011

no meeting

May 2011

May 26th, 7pm at Tangle Ball, 27 Edinburgh Street
There were 5 in attendance

  • Tutorial on editors
    • Potlatch
    • JOSM
    • any other editors participants know
  • Mapping party details
    • when
    • where
  • The LINZ import
  • Logo for OSM New Zealand. ideas:
    • OSM logo with something New Zealand-related, e.g. Kiwi bird
    • Kiwi bird looking at a map
  • Report back on items from the first meeting
  • Anything else you would like to bring up


  • potlatch tutorial went ahead.
    • no josm users present
  • Rudy showed some mock up images he has produced for the osm nz/auckland logo. they will be placed on the wiki for commentary, one or more selected at a meeting and later used on the website and other relevant places
  • Abhishek briefly described his progress on the LINZ import application. we have an overall direction; more detail to come.
  • the mapping party was not discussed due to time overrun

June 2011

June 24th, 7pm at Tangle Ball


  • Mapping party details
  • Licences. OSM is possibly changing license, from CC-BY-SA to ODBL. We will discuss the consequences, particularly regarding the LINZ import
  • LINZ import
    • Is anyone else interested in working on the application - Abhishek and Robin have rough ideas for software probably built in javascript, using open layers as a start point (open layers has editing capabilities)?
  • the logos
    • progression since last month
    • feedback on rudy's start point
  • new zealand-specific tile set
  • further tutorials in potlatch/josm/etc. if required. this will be a standing item in each meeting from now on


  • A contributor to the Te Araroa walking trial [1] attended - the group is willing to provide their data under a compatible license, to be imported into OSM. More info here: Te Araroa import
  • More discussion on the import of LINZ data. A basic process was suggested; this will be combined with the work done earlier.
  • No potlatch/josm tutorials due to the OSM database being off-line for maintenance
  • Brief discussion of a New Zealand tile set, talking over different methods of producing and hosting tiles
  • No discussion on logos or mapping parties due to time overrun

July 2011

July 28th

  • NZ tile set. robin is working on rendering tiles
    • any suggestions what we should include?
      • maori place names?
  • one of the discussion topics at net hui this year was mix and mash, a competition to mash up free/open data sources. there are cash prizes - i believe an osm contributor did rather well last year, using osm data and some other sources
  • more detail on the Te Araroa import - there is a brief outline of a proposed import procedure on the wiki at Te Araroa import
    • any suggestions or requests?
    • we may use this as a template/trial for the much bigger linz import
  • potlatch/josm tutorials as required
  • progress on the logos
  • mapping in schools - how do we go ahead with this (john suggested at an earlier meet)?
  • robin would appreciate some postfix assistance so we can get @openstreetmap.org.nz email addresses up and running. this would make us appear more cohesive


  • a new osm user showed up - short intro to the ideas behind osm, how it works, renders of hiking data
  • Brief discussion over what to include on NZ tile set. suggestion to think about it before next meet
  • a short demonstration of JOSM for new mappers/potlatch users who want to use more advanced features
  • Mapping in john's school is a no go - teachers are not interested
  • no time for 'mix and mash' discussion
  • the te araroa import - discussion into technical means of import: suggestion of

August 2011

August 25th

  • Abhishek and Rudy attended and discussed the progress of the LINZ import status.
  • We're pleased by the announcement made by Glen Barnes on the mailing list re ODBL LINZ import data.
  • Rudy just returned on 8th August from 6 weeks overseas. He did a little OSM work in Hungary and Croatia, mainly *walkways and a few residential streets.
  • Also looked at some new additions of private driveways in Auckland (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?zoom=16&lat=-36.91609&lon=174.7796&layers=B0000TF), making the map look too crowded. Could this be an experiment?