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OSM Contributor
Author: jawg maps
License: GNU General Public License v3 (free of charge)
Platform: android 4.1 and +
Status: Broken
Version: 3.0.23 (2018-06-10)
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and ...
Website: https://github.com/jawg/osm-contributor
Source code: https://github.com/jawg/osm-contributor
Programming language: Java

OSM Contributor mapping tool. Latest material design by the jawg team, add/edit/delete features for Nodes/Ways/Comments. Can also be used with pre-entered types for mapping parties (https://www.jawg.io)

OSM Contributor ([1]) was an OpenSource Android Application to use anywhere by contributors, and during Mapping parties. The application was either configurable for a dedicated region, and specific Data Types (useful for Mapping Parties), or globally.

It used a fork of the legacy Mapbox Android SDK and many other OpenSource libraries. Issues, Feedbacks and contributions are welcome on the github repository.


Osm-contributor-drawer.jpg Osm-contributor-menu.png Osm-contributor-note-discussion.jpg Osm-contributor-ways.png Ways satellite.png Osm-contributor-changeset-detail.png


The project is open source (GPLv3) and code is located on GitHub.

Forked app: Jungle Bus

OSM Contributor has been forked in 2017 to create a Bus stops collection dedicated app : Jungle Bus mobile app.

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