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Integration of OSM maps in Garmin MapSource (including Mapsource 6.16.2)

This page is intended for MS Windows users only! Note: MapSource (6.13.7) can be run on Linux under wine. Follow instructions on any of the tutorials below to get it working on your Linux machine:

Very short: It works!

The process has been tested with these 2 maps from https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/User:Computerteddy
"Germany" (in fact it is much bigger than just Germany) dated June 11, 2009
"Europe" dated Jan 14, 2009

According to Thomas Hog the Garmin Training Center (Software for Forerunner units) will work with this method as well.

After having downloaded MapSetToolkit and the map this process takes less than a minute.

The latest Version of MapSetToolkit is 1.77 - you MUST use a recent version of MapSetToolKit to get the typfile to work!

Technical background

The map must be registered correctly in the Windows registry. This is very easy using Mapsettoolkit.

Downloading data: large areas

  1. Load MapSetToolkit: http://cypherman1.googlepages.com/
  2. Unzip it an store it at some place. Installation is not needed.
  3. Load a map:
    1. Download it
    2. TYP File http://openstreetmap.teddynetz.de:81/latest/new/teddy.typ

Registering in MapSource

  1. Unpack the data, e.g. using TugZip. HINT: If you have trouble with unpacking the files and you used IE for download, just use Firefox.
  2. Start MapSetToolkit (as Administrator, it has to modify the registry)
  3. Click “Install” in the right bottom part of the window
  4. Click the 3 dots right to “tdb-file” and browse to the OSM-tdb-file. If you don't have a tdb file yet, you can generate it with mkgmap:
    java -jar mkgmap.jar --tdbfile gmapsupp.img
  5. Click the 3 dots right to Overview image and browse to the file with the same name as the tdb-file but with the extension img.
    Optional: To use an own layout file, see Using TYP Files
  6. Click “Install”

Now you can test the map using MapSource. Just in case the new map does not work, close MapSource and use the uninstall button in MapSetToolkit. After that MapSource will be fine again.

Updating maps (weekly)

Follow these 3 steps:

  • using MapSetToolkit delete the OSM-map (using the uninstall button)
  • delete the files on disk
  • start over at step 3 of downloading data

Tech stuff

Thats the content of the Registry (Vista 32bit):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



And here it's for Vista x64:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Mapsettoolkit claimed the OSM map is a "Product" and the name MUST be "1".

Instructions for using smaller OSM files

If you would like to download a smaller files exported from the site OSM directly; such as an individual town follow this process.

  • Export the data from OSM navigate to the area you wish to use on the main map [3]. Click on the export tab and chose the OpenStreetMap XML Data option, then download.
  • Convert the OSM file into an IMG file using Mkgmap or GroundTruth. Make sure that the file is saved as an 8 figure number e.g. 46378291.img. This is because mapsource only recognises files saved in this way.
  • Install the data in MapSource: Instructions for using Mapset toolkit with individual IMG files can be found here [4]

Using TYP Files

In case you want to pimp the visual appearance of the map using a TYP file, select "convert to Family" in Mapsettoolkit before Install. Then select the TYP file. I did use "1" for Registry and Family ID. MapSetToolkit will ask if it is allowed to update the map to the selction, and it should be granted.

Using that you can even try different TYP files (downloaded or your own one). You can update / generate TYP Files for instance at : http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi

On the down side this slows down map redraw significantly.

Send data to a Garmin device

Just use sendMap http://cgpsmapper.com/buy.htm

You may want to check the German Version of this page (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:OSM_Map_On_MapSource) as well or a procedure based on this and many other pages but presented on a single page (search for "dione osm mapsource"; sorry, site policy blocks insertion of the link).